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Cancer, Complementary Healing

In 2005, during my visit to Thailand, we went to a hospital set up by a monk, Phra Paponpatchara Pibanpaknitee in Sakorn Nakhon located in North East Thailand. When I first saw him, he had a bandage wrapped around his neck and that time, his hospital was quite new (I found out later that the bandage was there because he had throat cancer). He told us that he applied the holistic as well as spiritual healing methods. He used herbs to treat the cancer, at the same time, having the patient to practice meditation and prayers to calm their minds, dedicate merits and help in their healing. Even if the patient (most of them who were already end stage when referred to him) may not survive, at least he/she would leave the body in a more peaceful and less frightened state of mind. And some of these patients were being abandoned by their families. So the funds to build his hospital were mainly raised through generous donations from the public.

Last year at another function, I met this monk again in Bangkok. He told us that he just came back from Taiwan where he was learning about a healing method to be applied in the hospital. Fortunately, this time I got his name card. If you are interested to find out more about his work, you can contact:

cancerhospitalSakornNakhonPhra Paponpatchara Pibanpaknitee

Tel:  081-  601- 6960 / 081- 111 7107

081-601-6960, 081-111-7107 or e-mail ppp@khampramong.org or  ppparokhaya@gmail.com

(from overseas, you can dial 0066 81 601 6960 or 0061 111 7107))

Fax: 042- 779 276

Website: www.khampramong.org  (you can use Google Toolbar to translate the page into English)  or http://khampramong.org/khampramong_eng.html for the English version

Email: ppp @ khampramong dot org or ppparokhaya @ gmail dot com (take away the spaces and replace the dot with a real dot when sending the email)

Objectives in operations.

  1. To help patients with cancer of all types in the following cases.
    a. Patients in late stage cancer. That can not be improved with treatment procedures best. In the current medical plan. Disease or poor forecasting (Poor Prognosis) such as cancer, liver cancer, bile duct, etc..b. Cancer patients receiving treatment with medicine today. Or has some other plans already. And require additional treatment of the disease combined measure your fishing ย court.c. Group of patients who do not want to maintain the current plan. And access to treatment by this method.

d. Those risks and trends that may have cancer, such as the Hepatitis B virus infections and patients who lack capital. Not been able to maintain the current pattern to be expensive. Or group of patients to medical treatment plan with Thai herbs only.

2. Combination approach to treatment plans Thai tradition and western China plans to maintain the way of other medical options. Based on the wishes of the patient is located. A voluntary patient’s own. To select the treatment approach.
Help a fellow creature. (Especially cancer patients) with no claim or charge of medical care

Note: The website is in Thai- use your Google Toolbar to translate the contents to English. Then click on the navigation bar on the top left of the site- Google Toolbar (if you don’t have a Google Toolbar, you can install one from Google.com ) to read the contents in English.

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