Danger of watching and listening to ghost and horror stories

I noticed there is an energy shift. I felt my life force energy becoming weaker because of the negative emotions as the result of listening to these stories. I started to imagine things that feeling presence in my room or the nearby me after sundown. I started waking up feeling very lethargic, like energy being sucked out of me.

How I live with ADHD symptoms without medication- childhood

ADHD was something relatively unknown in the society and country when I was growing up decades ago. It s not a mental illness or personality disorder. It is now believed that ADHD is a bioneurological genetic disorder related to brain development. It is not something that a person can snap out or grow out of it. I would like to share my personal experience on growing up and struggling with many of the symptoms of ADHD. And without having a name of my symptoms for most part of my life, what are the adjustment, sometimes maladaptation that I had (and sometimes still do) to cope with this disorder.

It is wrong to label an underperformed left handed child as having ADHD

If your child is left-handed, he would probably learn most effectively through visualization and creative tools. The usual education system where logical and analytical thinking is required would leave your child struggling because his mind just operates in a different mode than the usual learning methods that is adapted in the current education system. If …

It is wrong to label an underperformed left handed child as having ADHD Read More »

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