Acu cupping therapy to relieve lower back pain

  • My friend’s long time chronic back pain was relieved when he went to acu cupping.  Conventional medicine can offer only painkillers to relieve the condition but holistic medicine acknowledge that there is element imbalance in the body and attempts to harmonize it.

How to Overcome Shoulder & Lower Back Soreness When Travelling

  • Diagram of simple stretches you can do to relieve shoulder stiffness and lower back pain when travelling- when massage centers are not readily accessible. When I used to travel, I did these exercises to relieve soreness from walking and carrying my backpack

Always activate your core when doing body weight exercises to avoid/minimize injuries

  • A lot of avid exercisers put a lot of strain and effort on the legs and hands while doing exercises like cardio and strength training. And lower back pain and muscle soreness are common complaints. Activating the core strengthens the overall body structure and have the entire body work together in a single unit- just like how the body naturally operates in activities of daily living.

Foods to Avoid if You Have Joint Pains or Arthritis

  • It helps to avoid certain type of food that may trigger pains in the joint according to traditional Chinese medicine

Wrist Pain Could Be Due Shoulder Injury

  • Wrist pain sometimes originate from an injured shoulder- but conventional medicine may treat the wrist directly- from giving painkillers to operation. But if the cause is not addressed, the pain would resurface years later, sometimes in the form of arthritis.

Creaking Knee and Clearing the Meridian Blockages

  • I share my experience of seeing a traditional Chinese practitioner who told me my meridian points were blocked and therefore making my knee creaks. Holistic practioners would say that creaking joints are mostly due to element imbalance in the body.

Do you really need expensive shoes if you have knee/leg pain?

  • There are always the expensive optimised shoes for those with knee pain. But what happens to folks who cannot afford few hundred bucks on such a pair of shoes?

Fixing knock knees and knee pain

  • Link to Dr Bookspan’s decades of research on knock knees that have helped many.

ginger 300x218 - PainHousehold remedies to relieve arthritis- Part 1 & Household remedies to relieve arthritis- Part 2

  • Some simple remedies taught by a lady who had suffered from arthritis for decades and was told by doctors there were nothing they could do except offer her painkillers and ask her to take supplements.  There was not much relieve, so she devised her own remedies that had worked for her.

Why People Get Arthritis

  • This article is written from Eastern practices point of view- from advice passed down from grandmas on what to avoid if you do not want to suffer from arthritis down the road

The taboos of a Proper Confinement after giving birth

  • In Asia countries, a woman who have just given birth used to follow very strict taboos, sometimes making the poor lady very uncomfortable to ensure no ‘trapped wind’ enters the body and causing pain, migraines and arthritis years down the road.

Why Active People Still Suffer from Body Aches?

  • We are all told that movement and exercise actually prevent joint pains. But why those who are very active in sports complains of joint pain? Renee Daniels, in her book wrote about how some people easily injured or dislocated a joint due to repetitive stress on the same muscle and a weak core.

Possible Cause of Chronic Muscle Soreness During Strength Training

  • Something I learned from an experienced occupational therapist who have lots of experience treating people with chronic muscle soreness. That could explain why body builders constantly suffer from chronic pain here and there.

Relieve Knee Numbness/ Pain with Hot Water Bottle & Relieve Hand Numbness with Hot Water Bottle & Hot Water Bottle for Cold Limbs

  • Simple relief you can do at the comfort of your own home to offer some relieve to numbness (but if the problem constantly reoccur, you need to go deeper towards the root cause)

How to Relieve Pain in Joints and Body

  • Based on pain as a result of inflammation in the body- and what to do to reduce that inflammation- it’s very closely related to lifestyle changes like drinking more water, reduce fried food and sugar.

How Effective is Massage Chairs in Relieving Pain?

  • Massage chairs are very expensive item and is fast becoming a white elephant- occupying precious space in a home. Is it really that effective as it seems to relieve pain?

Portable Muscle Ache Reliever- Guadsa Board

  • I bring it along with me when I travel because the nature of my shoestring travel means sore muscles from walking and carting my backpack.

Shoulder, Arms and Hand Pain

  • A real story of a friend of mine who have shooting pains for months from his wrist right up to the shoulders. He consulted doctors, did massage but nothing could relieve the pain until…

Overcoming Lower Back Pain Through Exercise

  • Sedentary folks who do not exercise would tend to suffer from lower back pain due to too many hours of sitting on the office chair, in the car and in front of the couch.  There are ways that you can do to relieve your back pain using exercise.

Healing an injury- recent muscle pull experience

  • I talk about my muscle pull experience and how due to occupational hazards, many people tend to compromise their posture- that will give them pain years down the line.

Videos for Injuries/ Pain

  • Videos I have compiled from YouTube on exercises for injuries and pain.
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