Guasa to relieve lower back pain- video and diagrams

Back, Pain or Injuries

Lower back pain usually effects the elderly- and whoever experiencing this would face lots of discomfort and reduced quality of living.

I have discovered a very good video in YouTube that teaches on how to relieve the pain by using guasa. The video is presented by Dr Lu Chi Loo- but I believed an Elken agent had translated it to Malay language and I want to do a bit of translation for the benefit of international readers.

I myself is not an Elken member- but I had bought their guasa board which I always carry in my bag to work and when I travel because it can help me relieve tensed muscles and pains.  Watch the complete video in YouTube and when you scroll down there would be snapshots with the video being transcribed in English:

He had made 3000 clinical studies- wherever there pain after he does, he would have red dots or blue back dots.

Refer to the diagram above to identify the guasa the areas for pain relief-

1. the lower back – where the pain is most felt (shown in red above),

2.  and then the back of the legs (shown in red above)

To begin, first apply oil at the painful areas- you may notice some black circles on the patient’s back- this is after the person had done acucupping.

Use the edge of the guasa board- about 1/3 and press and pull back then press as shown from up and down as per the picture (it may be clearer to you if you watch the video to see the movements). Repeat about 30 times using strong strokes.

You can see the painful part- red dots would be shown:

Then move the guasa board to about 2 fingers’ width to your left and using stronger and faster strokes for 30 times. Then move to the right side. Red dots would be shown on painful and problematic areas.  If the person have no problem or issue, the red or sometimes blue black dots would not show.

Now move on to the back of the legs- towards the important meridian points-

the acupressure point to watch out is the “wei chong”. Apply oil and spread it using the guasa board. Perform the guasa on the left leg, then on the right. Move in downward strong and fast stroke movements.

Another important acupressure point is the “huan tiao” located at the outer buttocks- important acupressure point for lower back pain. Usually this part will be very painful as well.

Finally, complete it at the outer side of the calves- guasa from up to down 30 times.


Gua sha items can also be found in Amazon:

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