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In order to sustain the motivation to exercise day after day, the exercise needed to be enjoyable, easy to follow and motivational.

If you find that you are not having any motivation to exercise or do not enjoy intense exercise or following too many steps, here’s a good exercise you can follow:

From YouTube, I find Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away the Pounds” series to be really enjoyable. The steps are easy to follow- because it is walking, it’s natural and we would not need to struggle to follow the steps. What I like about Leslie’s approach is that she is very  cheerful, and it feels that she is exercising alongside with you.

Even if a person had not exercised for a while, her videos can easily be followed. Start with the 1 mile walk, then gradually move to 2 miles and then 3 miles.

Don’t be fooled by the appeared simplicity of the exercises. If  you have not exercised for a while, even the 1 mile would have you sweating. The 2 miles would make you sweat a lot.

She is one who seems to teach from the heart and she is very sincere  in motivating people to start moving. I have read her book  “Walk Away the Pounds- The Breakthrough 6 week Program that Helps You Burn Fat, Tone Muscle and Feel Great without Dieting”. The book has a very down to earth approach and contains success stories of those who had lost a lot of weight from her program.

For long term success in any exercise program, especially for those who are not into exercising, you need to find something that you enjoy and can stick to in long term. I’ve tried other exercise videos which are more intensive and have you sweating buckets in 5 minutes but may not be the workout that you are looking forward to after a tiring day.

Now as I tend to exercise at night after a long tiring day’s of work, I find Leslie Sansone’s videos easy to follow:

Leslie Sansone DVD

Above are some of Leslie’s DVDs that I have. Most of it I have to request help from a friend of mine in Canada to buy and bring over to me.

Leslie Sansone DVDs

Tip: After a few times, you would be able to follow her videos easily. Then you can turn on her video side by side with a movie or drama that you are watching and do it as you are watching TV. I have been doing this a few times- having 2 devices side by side- one with her video and another one while watching other educational YouTube videos. I find that I am able to do 3 mile + another 2 miles while watching other videos (on health and healing).

Not only I learn new things, but at the same time I get a good workout. It’s good, really good. After doing her walk walk walk videos, I would then search for other “relaxing stretches” to give my body a good stretch.

I’ve noticed that my legs felt stronger and I am more energetic throughout the day. Please give these videos a try:

1 mile walk (21 min including warm up and cool down):

2 mile walk (32 min):

3 mile walk (45 min):

You can also purchase her DVDs from Amazon:


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