Be the master of your own moods instead being a slave to them

Depression, Inner Peace

Moods are just part of our emotions. Sometimes we feel happy, sad, bored, lonely, angry, etc. Our mood rise and fall, come and go. If we ignore them, they would not have the power to affect us.

It is only when we associate the mood and grasp on to the feeling of the moment, and conjure up stories and self-righteous defense mechanism that we give energy to these moods and make it worst. You know the time…when you got up from bed with a foul mood- and had to head on to work. Then…the rest of the day goes downhill from there- the road was so jammed because of the rain, you got caught in the rain, your staff forgot an important assignment, another staff called in sick, there is an emergency in the office…..and well, everything that could go wrong went wrong that day. And to make matters worse, you lost your temper on most part of the day- yelling at people to get things moving.

At the end of the day, you are totally drained, angry and felt like throwing in the towel, buy and plane ticket and disappear from the face of everyone that you know.

Long term of being slaves to our moods would bring us a host of chronic problems. Uncontrollable weight because of stress eating, feelings of being overwhelmed and that the world is out to get you would lead on to health problems- high blood pressure, blockages, insomnia, gastric, wind in stomach, recurring sinus/flu/cough due to a compromised immune system. This started because we initially respond to our moods.

However, the situation is very different if we understand our moods- that they are nothing more than changes that come and go. It is not possible to be happy and high all the time- there will be times when we are feeling like in the dumps without knowing why. Well, you don’t need to try to psychoanalysis the causes. Give your brain a break.

Just sit back, be low profile for a while and the feeling would just change. Try to step back- and when you see a particular unpleasant mood rising, treat it just like a passer-by that you would just ignore. When you don’t respond to it, the emotions lost its power on you and it would just go off.

And you know what, things would change for the better because you did not respond to your moods. If you can keep to that everyday, your life would be so much more relaxed and less stressful.

Oh, and one thing, if ever people scold or accuse you, objectively see if what they’re saying about you is right. If yes, secretly thank them for teaching you- you could use it to better yourself. If not, treat it just like noise that’s coming out of their mouth. Like I had mentioned before, I always remember and live by this simple simile:

“Don’t believe everything you hear. If they say you’re a dog, check to see for yourself if you’ve got a tail. If you don’t, then they’re wrong.”

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