From a Drug Addict to Athlete

Last Updated on August 7, 2017

In the December 2007 issue of Runner’s World, there is a very motivating story about a father-son managed to overcome their drug addiction through running.

Nick Sterner Sr., was a drug addict for 15 years- he quit when his family moved out of the house. He went for a half mile jog and spent the next decade rebuilding his life. His son, also started dealing with drugs and using them. By 2001, his son was living on the streets. Nick Sr went to rescue his son but unfortunately got sucked into drugs again.

His son was eventually caught and jailed for 10 days in Oct 05. He decided, with his father, to get clean and go for rehab. His father later participated in a marathon organised near their area with support members cheering him on to the finishing line. Race organisers were inspired by how a former addict and turn to an athlete and from there, the Addict-to-Athlete program was born.

One day, Nick Jr was at a neighbourhood and saw a dealer friend nearby- Nick knew he had enough money to get high on drugs again. But instead, he turned around, went home and put on his running shoes.

Similar motivation story in Runner’s World: From Addict-to-Athlete (published on 28 Feb 06).

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