Pain relief you can do on your own using gua sha

Last Updated on October 9, 2020

Personally for me, I carry a guasa board with me whenever I travel. Now due to constant neck muscle tension due to hours sitting in front of the computer, I also bring along my guasha board to work. It is very useful to soothe tension headaches and muscle stiffness.

Because I find that it is so easy to use, I wanted to spread the message more via this blog. I am not a member of Elken, but I find their guasa board much more easy to use compared to spoons and coins (some treatment in Indonesia uses coin and it is very painful- but effective).

A good video on guasa in Youtube is in Malay language, in which I had translated for the benefit of those who do not understand the language.

Video url:

This was aired in TV1 a few years ago.  The fonts in blue are what I’ve added on my own.

Translation of the video from Malay to English:

First, we need to apply oil  (can be baby oil, massage oil or even cooking oil) to the area of the body that had the pain so that the skin is smoothened.
Perform guasa on the area that is in pain using moderate strength…. press and drag…. press and drag…. press and drag movements. Learn it from someone more experienced first.

If the area of guadsa had problems, reddish dots will appear (it sure does whenever I perform guasa on myself on my limbs, neck and shoulders that are tensed or sore)
If place have no problems, red dots will not appear.

The dots that appears can be categorised into 3 types:

  • light reddish dots
  • dark red dots
  • blue black dots

2 methods of performing guasa:

  • from up to down
  • from middle to side

Guasa do not cause any side effect reaction, even though the guasa was performed on the wrong part of the body. I would think is because it improve circulation and qi movement, which helps to dispel stagnant qi causing the pain.
After guasa, one is advised to drink at least one glass of water (warm water is the best) to improve blood circulation and toxin elimination. One must wait for at least 30 minutes or longer before bathing.

Guasha is easy to learn- the techniques are simple but effective to use. And the guasa board is so small and portable that it can be easily slipped into the handbag, bag and even pant pockets and carried around (smaller and thinner than a Galaxy Note 🙂 ).

Health Conditions that can be treated with Guasa:

Health problems related to blood circulation, elimination, nerve and veins
digestion, breathing systems.

The Elken guasha board buffalo horns – eliminate heat and remove toxins from blood, does not cause electric static.

Testimony from the Speaker:

As an avid sportsperson during his schooldays, he used to suffer from the following:

  • kidney pain,
  • feeling sleepy during lectures,
  • have lots of pimples that covers everywhere except his eyes ,
  • afraid of cold- the cold from the air conditioned lecture halls and meeting rooms

One day, he had problem getting up from bed and he became worried about this condition. At first he went for guasa where the practitioner used a coin and he became afraid to go because the treatments were painful. Then his friend passed him the guasa book and it showed the area where guasa can be done to correspond to the pain. At first he tried the method twice and felt a lot of improvement on his conditions.

As for the face, his pimples have disappeared and people are commenting he looked younger and more energetic. He applied skincare products and did guasa at the same time.

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  1. I remember years ago when I was a kid living with my granny she would ask me to scrape her back whenever she was down with ailments like fever and exhaustion. With a porcelain spoon dipped in saline solution in a bowl I would scraped her spine until the skin on her back turned into diagonal shaped streaks of crimson red, much like raw meat. At that time I was too young to understand what was going on and just did as I was told. At the end of each session she would tell me how much better she had felt. Other than relying on gua sha I don’t remember if she had ever sought conventional medical treatment for all her ailments.

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