Oil Pulling Cured My Fever and Sinus

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The next time when you are feeling unwell, stuffy nose, having dental/ gum problems or feel a fever coming up, or a host of other chronic as well as acure health conditions, try oil pulling. It’s easy, almost free and uses only a simple ingredient- oil which is readily available in your kitchen.

Oil pulling is derived from ancient Ayurvedic practice. It is a very simple and inexpensive procedure:

1. Take about one tablespoon of either sesame or sunflower seed oil (these two types have been shown to give good results compared to other oil types)- must be taken on an empty stomach even before you drink water in the morning.


2. Put in your mouth and swirsh it around as what you would do with a mouthwash for about 15 to 20 minutes.

3.  Spit out the oil after that. Do NOT SWALLOW the oil because you would not want to swallow the toxins that comes out with it.

It’s that simple. Then rinse your mouth with water. You may have picture of your mouth feeling yucky and oily but does not because as you swirsh or do the oil pulling, mucus, toxin and saliva mix together- diluting the oil.

It cured my fever and sinus! Instantly within 15 minutes.

One evening I took instant cup noodles as I was feeling hungry about 30 to 40 minutes before my intense gym aerobic class. During the exercise, I already felt sort of weird- my body and my limbs felt heavy….as if a lot of effort is made trying to digest the instant noodles. My head felt unwell.

The instant cup noodles (not good for health), combined with the aerobic exercise with all the chemicals, MSG and food addictives flowing to every nook and cranny of my body…..mixed with low immunity from mental stress probably caused by body to react. I sleep early that night- about 9pm because I knew something was not right.

The next morning, I woke up with a slight fever and sinus.  I could not be absent from work because my work will pile up. Out of habit, I just click on my BB’s messages and saw a forwarded email sent on oil pulling.

I was desperate and willing to try anything that may even remotely help. So I look around my house for any type of vegetable oil mentioned in the email and saw the “Knife cooking peanut oil”. I poured some of the oil into a small cup and took a sip, then swirshed in my mouth.

Just within 5 minutes, I can feel my sinus clearing off. And by 15 minutes, I felt the fever going off too.  That day, I made it to work and recommended the method to my colleagues- none of it except an Indian friend of mine have heard about it. Most of my modern city dwelling colleagues find this method a little strange- like what I did during the beginning too.

Even though I did not feel 100% okay, but the fever did not come back. That night after work, I worked on some song translations for my other blog till about 2am as the next day was Saturday (so I did not need to work 😉 )

So, I can tell you this method works, even though I was using the Knife  brand cooking oil (made from peanuts).  Initially when you do it, you may feel that your teeth and gums a bit sore, but after you continue, you will feel better. For more information about this, I strongly suggest you go to this website: www.oilpulling.org for more information, FAQs  and testimonials.

Lots of visitors share their oil pulling experience and it has been say to cure various health conditions: lung conditions, gum problems, decaying and painful tooth (the person did not want to pull out the tooth so tried oil pulling and it works), infection from tooth filling/estraction, digestive problems, allergies, skin problems, arthritis and joint pains (read the stats here). That’s why, I encourage you to try it….it’s relatively safe, almost free, easy to practice and effective.

Children can try it too if start to get fever but make sure the child do not swallow the oil.  Sure beats giving the child antibiotic.

Different healing system works in different ways:

  • tai chi, qi gong and wai tan kung works to clear the chi/qi pathways- clearing stuck and stagnant qi/chi allowing the meridian (invisbile energy channels) in our body to flow freely and hence healing illness and reducing pain
  • acupressure also work to clear stuck/stagnant chi/qi to enable free flow and heal illness and reduce pain
  • oil pulling eliminates the toxins that are causing the pain, discomfort, chronic conditions by pulling it into the oil

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