When feeling down, watch a real funny movie

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Once a while, it is normal to be feeling down. And sometimes, events or stressors in our lives may make it hard to bear- such as a breakup, feeling depressed, facing a downward period in life.

When you feel as if you are in the dumps, watch a funny movie to help lift your spirits. Watch movies that can really make you laugh (but if you have just gone through a heartbreak, watch comedies but not romantic comedies).

Laughter may not be the cure to all your troubles- as you would still need to face them eventually. But it help you to relax and put you in a better frame of mind. From a beter frame of mind, we have more optimism and energy and do not feel that a world is such a gloomy place.

And when feeling down, avoid watching sad, horror or dramatic movies- it’ll probably make you feel worse or tend to zap your energy.

The same goes for those who have just broken up from a relationship- listening to heartbroken or songs with the theme of ‘why you dumped me?’, ‘I miss you sooooo terribly that there’s no reason to live’ would make you feel worse. Or if you are recovering from a broken heart (but have not fully recovered), immersing yourself in these songs would reawaken feelings of hurt, loneliness and sadness. You may be tempted to tune in, but if you do not want your emotional level to spiral all the way down, try to avoid the temptation to lose yourself in these songs.

One night when I was in a serious mood trying to work on my blogs, a funny Singapore comedy happened to be aired on television. I find Singapore comedy shows, like “Just Follow Law” (directed by Jack Neo) is so funny- it highlights the red tape and workers mentality very close to home. The show that has all the jokes that Singaporeans and Malaysians can understand and would laugh their heads off.  To me, these shows are more funny than even Hollywood blockbusters because as Malaysian, we share a lot of similarities with Singaporean and can really relate to the jokes.  It really got me laughing in stitches.


The show is basically about two person- a blue collar worker and a manager, who are constantly fighting and finding their soul switched bodies after an accident.


Below: Both trying to consult a medium to bring their souls back to the correct body. Even the medium scene is funny because the medium also commercialising himself, offering no gurantees that the ‘treatment will work’. The excuse he gave: even if we pay lots of money to a doctor, we cannot gurantee that we can be cured.


After watching the show, I automatically feel more relaxed and when before, I was feeling a bit tired to work on my blogs, I had the energy to continue way past midnight.

In the office, keep some joke books with you or access to funny websites/blogs that can brighten your day.  Keep an archive of blogs/sites that you find inspirational, and that you know you can get some good laughs in the middle of a stressed day.

Laughing releases endorphins into your system. Sometimes, we get too burnt out even to be able to muster up a smile. That’s why we would need to artificially create the stimulant to trigger the laughter mechanism that had gotten lost somewhere in the confusion and inner conflict.

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