Slow and Steady: Losing Weight Takes Time

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“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” – Joseph Pilates

To me, the best way to lose weight is to do it slow and steady. Follow the tried, tested and proven method of sustained weight loss: exercise and food control.

There are so many short cuts being sold in the market today- some pills are even able to filter out all the fat from your food. So you can eat whatever you want and is supposed to get away with it. But I dread to think of the possible damage on the kidneys and liver.

When I was 15 years old, my weight began to go out of control because I had absolutely no restraint in eating and literally did not exercise. I remembered once when I was required to run for 200 meters, I nearly died of breathlessness. So one day, my mom saw an advertisement on a diet pill that is supposed to slim a person down and she brought a bottle for me.

I took the pills for a month and lost a bit of weight. But eventually, I ended up gaining more weight that before I had started. Unfortunately, I cannot continue taking tablets because the warning at the bottle said that you cannot take 2 bottles continuously. Now why require such as warning unless the pill can possibly give a very bad side effect?

After that, I told myself, no more diet pills. Diet liquids are even worst cause I can never stuff myself. I have seen a number of people resorting to ‘short cuts’ and end up getting worst than when they started.

Therefore, the best method- take it slow and steady. One day at a time. Incorporate exercise and a more eating habit as part of your lifestyle. Make small little changes day by day and reward yourself for your little accomplishments (try not to involve food in your rewards program).

Slip-ups do occur sometimes as we are only human. Sometimes, we will overeat at a party or binge our guts out at a buffet table

Slip ups do happen on and off and we are only human. Don’t be too hard on yourself but at the same time, don’t let yourself off the hook all the time. Do some trade offs- for instance, a tea lady comes into my office and make the most delicious coffee and tea (which is only delicious if you put lots of sugar and milk) once a week. I help myself, sometimes up to 3 cups and always go for a good workout on the same night or the next morning.

For me, the biggest motivation for me to exercise and eat well is to combat fatigue. Living life like a zombie is really no fun. But of course, being able to fit into a jeans that I could never fit into for years is a great bonus.

Find out what spurs you on- what’s your motivation and goals. Then give it time to achieve the results. Even if you have 100 pounds or more to lose, do it one pound at a time. And one day, you’ll reach your goal.

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