Workouts & Food Intake…

thailand food 150x150 - Workouts & Food Intake...

Yesterday nite, not long after I posted my blog entry, I started on exercise for total of 1.5hrs: Body Balance release #34 track 1 to 4 (on DVD)- because I love the track 1 and 4 of that release Then, dance on the Stability ball watching YouTube videos. But later, change to workouts using the [...]

Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

exercise fitness stretching 150x150 - Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

Here’s my strengths & weaknesses: Cardio- Improving. Treadmill: Spend a lot of time running at the treadmill, at the speed between 8.5 to 9.0 km/hr which I am able to maintain for 10 min. Then I will do brisk walk for about a minute or two before increasing the gradient of the machine to 4.0 [...]

Looking back at how I used to be….

meditation calm mindful 150x150 - Looking back at how I used to be....

I still remember the first time I wanted to start an exercise program- I mustered courage to show up to the gym, and the guy had me filled up some forms about my goals and stuff like that. He brought me around and I remembered feeling very intimidated by those active looking folks at the [...]

My milestone

women yoga 150x150 - My milestone

Yesterday, I wore a pair of jeans that was 2 inches smaller. And it fitted- comfortably. I had actually brought the jeans about at least 3 years ago- and even then, it was a bit tight. Actually I had bought it as a motivation to drop a little weight but I could hardly remember ever [...]

The threshold… you have to hit it to succeed

alone challenge man peak 150x150 - The threshold... you have to hit it to succeed

One thing I learned about exercising is the THRESHOLD. You have to reach it and hit it. Once you hit it, you will genuinely love exercising. I could not hit the threshold when I was exercising in the park or hiking. But I hit it in the gym.. and I am sharing with you on [...]