Danger of hypnotherapy – manipulation, false memory and spirit attachment


While hypnotherapy has been praised by some to be effective in dealing with addictions and unexplained phobias, there are potential downside to such treatments as well. In this article, we would discuss the downside of hypnotherapy. 1. Manipulation If a patient is successfully induced to a state of deep trance like state, the patient is [...]

Past Lives Regression curing an incurable condition?

wormhole 150x150 - Past Lives Regression curing an incurable condition?

This post is a continuation of the previous 2 articles obtained from a book compiled from Dr Lai Chiu Nan’s advise. Part 3 Past lives Our sense of time is usually limited to our own birth and death,” Chiu-Nan notes. “But a lot of people have other experiences, that their existence actually go beyond this [...]