Spiritual Practice

Tools to help to develop focus and clarity of mind through chanting and meditation:

1. Hand tally counters
Hand tally counters can help you to develop your practice during the beginning stage. Do not underestimate the humble counter. If you have a certain mantra or chant and wish to set a target to the number of times to complete in a day, this counter is useful. It can fit snugly in the palms of your hands while you are taking peaceful walks in parks/nature while doing your chants silently.  Each count is through manual pressing so no batteries are needed.
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In the beginning, I find this to have helped me a lot. I set a target of the number of chants I wish to complete in a day and have my counter with me. It kinda kept me accountable and I was using it during a period where I felt down and turned to spiritual practice. It really did to help focus my mind (through setting a target to complete a number of chant and sticking to it, then reaping the benefit).

2. Prayer beads / rosary beads
As a Buddhist, I have a Buddhist prayer beads consisting 108 beads in it. If I am in a public place I would use the counter above but if I have time to practice within my environment and know I could complete in a single session, I would use my prayer beads.

3. Meditation stool 
Few of my friends favours the meditation tool instead of using meditation cushion. A lady I know even brings in together in her luggage bag during her travels so that she could do her meditation next to her bed at night.
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4. Outdoor siting tent
I have always preferred to meditate outside compared to indoors. But I dislike the mosquitoes that would come after about 5 minutes. In Thailand, I was able to obtain an actual meditation foldable tent which I would use when I meditate outdoors. However I noticed the closest product would be the sitting pod used for parents to watch their kid’s soccer game.
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