Why caffeine is bad for our body

  • Most of us cannot function without our daily dose of coffee. We may have a vague suspicion that the daily fix may ran havoc to our health- and our instrincts may be right. The article discusses on some health symptoms associated with ongoing coffee/ tea drinking- if you are an avid coffee drinker, you may want to check if you suffer from the mentioned health issues.

 The Effect of Coffee on Our Liver 

  • From the holistic perspective, coffee causes element imbalance in the liver- which plays an important role to regulate ‘chi’ or ‘qi’. Read more on the article to find that if you happen to suffer from symptoms such as numbness in the leg, pain on the knees, excessive fatigue- if you are taking coffee and experiencing it, you may want to consider that perhaps, your body is not suited to the beverage.

Review of calories content of different types of premixed coffee/tea sold in Malaysia

  • I’ve studied some samples of 3-in-1 premixed coffee and tea sold in Malaysia. The content of saturated fat and sugar are staggering…. you may not notice it if you do not read the label. And those sold in other countries like Thailand may have higher sugar content.

pictureforblog - CaffeineOf Caffeine Addict and Running Nose

  • Are you a coffee addict and the same time suffering from morning sinuses? Perhaps it’s that morning cuppa that you’ve been taking.

The Possible Downside of Green Tea

  • A lot of good things have been written about green tea but if you suffer from lower back pain around the kidney areas, sinus and joint discomfort, your body’s composition may not be suitable to green tea.

Caffeine & Its Effect on the Body

  •  It is my personal experience of taking caffeine especially in gourmet coffee- and if you share my symptoms, you may want to reduce the amount you take and save more.

Effects of Caffeine on Exercise and Health

  • The effects of taking caffeine related beverages, especially tea prior to exercise and the symptoms that happens to some people.

Early Stage of Osteoarthritis

  • In this article, I shared with you on how I am developing ‘creaking knees’ as years of drinking iced milk tea. And how through talking to a healer friend of mine, she had given me hope that it is possible to have the condition reversed.

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