To love in sickness and in health- a wife’s enduring love

Caregiver, Depression

The role of the caretaker is never easy in taking care of a loved one. For 2 years, my uncle lovingly took care of my auntie, who was reduced to a vegetative state as the result of stroke. He would visit her everyday to lovingly speak to her and take care of her- for 2 years, my auntie who could only move her eyes….never had a single bed sore. My auntie passed away after that and my uncle is left to a life by himself – but looking at him, I knew it was a choice that he had never regretted (to be with her despite numerous family objections from both side – but they had almost 30 happy years together).

The measure of true love is no in the material gifts, fancy restaurants, fame, beauty and net worth. It is how one would still be with the other person in spite and despite of ups and downs, happiness and suffering, sickness and health.

The snapshot below, worth a thousand words, is shared many times over in Facebook with the accompanying passage in Mandarin:



雖然旁人都說老頭子已經是 “植物人” 了,

The translation (instead of using Google translate, I got someone to read out to me in Cantonese while I do my best to translate it):

I cannot control the changes in this world
However, my love for you will not change
No matter how you changed or what you’ve become, I will always be by your side.

Mrs Liu has been looking after her paralyzed husband since the year 1983.
Although everyone around her had considered him to be a “vegetable”
but Mrs Liu will look after her husband till the last second of her life.

Source: Shared from 心靈甘露, a Facebook page.

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