Acu cupping- releasing toxins and blood clots from the body

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I have been told about the benefits of acucupping by those who have tried it. A number of middle aged ladies refer this treatment as “release dirty blood”. They did not read about this treatment from books but try it through recommendation of friends and relatives and find it to be very effective.

Basically, explained by one of the ladies, a long needle is inserted into certain meridian points by the practitioner after the problem of the ailment is being identified.  Afterwhich, the cups, as you seen below is put on the area to act as a suction to pull out the blood. Most of the time, the blood that comes out are of very dark colour- sometimes even blackish and clots can be seen. After the treatment, the person often experience relief from various symptoms such as body pain (arthritis, knee pain, shoulder stiffness/pain), tiredness and host of other illness. Once these so called ‘dirty blood’  and clots are removed, the circulation flows become better. These ladies swore by it and they told me that they do it once every 6 months.

The treatment seems to be effective from those suffering from diseases related to “wind dampness” or arthritic in nature- where the joints get painful whenever it rains or if the weather is cold. Traditonal Chinese practioners had long known that such conditions, usually brought about through certain habits such as not taking care during confinement (right after giving birth), drinking cold water, bathing at night or when the body is very hot , eating foods that are ‘yin’ or cooling in nature…all these result in blockages or ‘trapped wind’ along blood vessels. The acucupping releases the pressure and wind as well as clots. Hard to imagine?

Have you ever sipped your drink using a straw- and because there is an air bubble stuck, you find it hard to suck the drink up? Just a tiny air bubble and you have to suck hard to get the drink upwards. Therefore, imagine how stagnant our blood circulation be- if a straw (with smooth surface) can demonstrate such blockages, what’s more with our blood vessels- that are uneven in surface and expandable? Now, imagine when the air bubble is removed, instantly you can sip your drink with no problem.

Below is obtained from a Traditional Malay practitioner who offer this treatment and in the poster, the benefits is being mentioned (in which I’ve translated from Malay to English):


As we age, our blood vessels harden and become more narrower. Thick clumps are formed and blockages in the blood vessels are dangerous threats to us. If this hardened clumps get blocked along the blood vessels supplying blood to the heart, heart attack would occur.

If the clot happens at the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, stroke then occurs. Both of these attacks (stroke and heart attack) could result in death or permanent disability. The risk increases if you have high blood pressure and/or diabetes.


I have purchased acucupps via the place where I went for bekam treatments. I am surprised that these products are also available at Amazon.

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