Tooth Extraction Sometimes is Necessary to avoid infection

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Today, I went to my dentist again for checkup. Again, food had somehow gotten stuck in my molar areas, resulting in infection- I was developing mild throat discomfort, ear pain, eyes discomfort and a little headache- just like my previous article that I’ve mentioned- pain at the throat, sinus, watery eyes, ear pain happening at the same time could be related to an infected tooth.

Yet, this problem is getting a bit annoying because it happens about once in every one or two months. Sometimes, it goes off by itself, sometimes, it gets very painful. I had to be very careful when I eat and brush my teeth many times a day to do my best to avoid having food stuck anyway. And it is not problem with filling because all my molars are filled.

I thought perhaps another round of cleaning and antibiotics- I don’t take antibiotics when I have fever but when I have conditions like this, I will make the exception.

But today, my trusted dentist told me that it will be the best of my interest to have the molar extracted. According to him, my molars are somehow too big for my jaws. As the result of the teeth structure and size, there is a small gap in between 2 of my molars making it easy for foodstuff to enter via the gap. I’ve done all my filling so foodstuff does not enter via the filling. Then, the foodstuff eventually rots and causes bacteria infection. Now, the condition had gotten worst that the roots of the affected molar is already infected- and that brings repeated reoccurance of infection and pain. And if I don’t want to extract the molar, it will be infecting the molar next to it eventually.

So I made the decision to have the molar extracted- even though I was not prepared and the idea is terrifying. When I saw the long needle of the anasthetic that he was about to inject to my gums, I nearly chickened out. Then, I tried to calm myself and close my eyes and let him do the injections. After that I saw him got the pliers and I close my eyes- better not see and get frightened. I guess the years that I have been seeing him also help as tooth extraction is a scary experience for many and it is much easier if you trust your dentist. My earliest records with him according to the patient card was when I was 2 years old.

Here are some important guidelines to follow during tooth extraction:

1. Don’t rinse your mouth after the tooth extraction, even though it’s bloody. Just swallow the saliva and blood. The reason is because if you rinse your mouth, you will rinse off the anaesthetic and the pain will be very very bad after that. Most people suffered after pain extraction because they quickly rinse and clean their mouth after tooth extraction. It has been almost 4 hours since I extracted my molar and I’ve not taken any water or rinse my mouth- the pain is tolerable.

2. Avoid taking hot meals or drinks on the day after the extraction– because hot meals will improve the circulation. With improved circulation, the pain gets worst.

3. Avoid being active, doing chores, being out in the sun– because again, all this warms up your body and improve the circulation. So it makes it more painful.

4. Take cool water and use a straw to sip your drink slowly- try to make the fluid go straight to your throat. You probably guessed it- so that it does not wash off the anaesthetic.

5. Try to stay away from noisy places as ear ache/headaches as referred pain may occur. I was trying to get some rest when my neighbour was blasting some Chinese New Year songs- I never liked these songs in the first place so I could not relax. If you find that resting makes you more aware of the pain, try to do things that you like to take your mind away (that does not involve physical exertion)- as for me, typing this article helps to distract my mind 🙂

If you have reoccuring tooth infections- you must always consult your dentist to have the condition treated immediately. Else, I’ve seen cases of a few people – who because of fear of the dentist, ended up losing most of their teeth because of just one bad tooth.

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  3. you should actually not drink from a straw at all after an extraction because the suction may dislodge the bloodclot and result in a Dry Socket which is very excruciating. I’ve had it twice myself and it’s one of the worst pains I think a person can endure next to child birth or passing a kidney stone.

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