Gua Sha for headaches and migraine- video and diagrams

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The following video I found from YouTube and I find it effective representation to help relieve pain from migraine and guasa.

I know from experience that if a person have headache, it can be relieved through guasa on the shoulders.

If you do not have the guasa board, you can use a spoon (with no cracked or broken edge) and applying massage oil or baby oil.

Transcribed from the video that is in Malay:

Dr Lu Chi Loo

Headache is a common ailment- usually many methods out there are not effective or does not provide instant relief.
For those who have been having headaches for 10 or 20 years, after doing guasa for 8 times will no longer be recurring often.

If pain at the front, perform the guasa at the front of the head.
If at the back, guasa at the back of the head

Two notable acupuncture or meridian points.:
1. Head (at the tai yang point)
2. hands


Guasa at the side of the head  (tai yang acupressure point) 30 times, to be done using the corner edges of the guasa board.


the followed by in the middle in a motion of combing the hair and stroke downwards towards the neck.

the part referred to the “fung zing” the hollow part where the skull meets the neckbone- guasa extra as this is
an important acupuncture point – guasa on that point can help cure the headache.

After performing on the left side, repeat for the right side on the exact same movements

Using the motion of combing hair- it helps to remove the pain.

Now, moving on to the point located at the meeting place between the thumb and first finger.


Stroke outwards
Finally move on to the outer lines of the right calf. Without doing this point, the headache may still linger.
Do this guasa for 30 times in downward stroke movements.

Refer to the points displayed at the picture below- the red area is where the guasa is effective on the upper body.
Follow accordingly will be effective.

Now for headache
Do for bai hui- stimulate bai hui
Use the edge of guasa guard using- from middle move from up to down, then

30 times from top to bottom

Also for the shoulders, up to down
And the point where the thumb and finger meets.

Gua sha tools/ books are available via Amazon and they are inexpensive:

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