Inspiring Story of Ernie Nix- from obese principal to marathon runner

Heart Diseases, Losing Weight

The April 2008 of Runners World featured an inspiring story on an obese principal who turned into a fit 48 year old marathon runner. To read the entire story, click HERE.

In the physical magazine, his ‘before’ photo is featured and it is totally different from the ‘after’ photo.

  • Weight= 397 pounds
  • Cholesterol= 440
  • Blood pressure= 220/110
  • On medication for hypertension, high cholesterol and anxiety. He also had to sleep with an oxygen mask supplying 2 litres of oxygen to avoid sleep apnea
Started with walking round the track in the mornings, and later, with the doctor’s approval, he gradually began jogging. He also ate better food (instead of fast or processed food). He dropped his weight AND he is NO LONGER on any medication as the hypertension, high cholesterol are all gone.

  • Weight 180 pounds
  • Resting heart rate= 42 beats per minute (that’s excellent!)
  • Runs 45 miles per week

Ernie’s story serves as an inspiration to us all. If you really give exercise a try, you have a chance to wean off and gradually remove the medication all together. Of course, your medication doses must adhere strictly to the doctor’s orders- please do not stop taking your meds or reduce it on your own- it is very dangerous if you do that. But in time, if you practice a healthy lifestyle, the doctor will be able to gradually lower your medicine dosage.

Give your health a chance. Rise to the challenge. Your company may be paying your medical bills now but after you retire or if you incur complications from your health condition, you are the only one who suffers. Is it worth it?

Is it worth dying from a burst blood vessel in your brain just because you have forgot to take your medication or took them at the wrong time?

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