Does karma plays a role in Covid19 pandemic?

Throughout history, you would find large populations being wiped out suddenly by natural disaster, wars or disease pandemics. If it is not Covid, it would come in something else. Read on steps to protect ourselves spiritually from the ‘danger’ periods in our lives.

Spiritual protection against pandemics and dangers

In everyone’s life, there would be a few times where one undergoes a life threatening events that could result in death.
Since there is a lot of fear going on about Covid19, I would like to offer a perspective from the spiritual point of view on how these danger period happens and cases of people who have miraculously survived when the odds are against them.

consuming wildlife has harmful karmic effects

The karmic consequences of consuming wildlife

I have known of people who have penchant for wildlife meat eventually dying from illness like cancer. In terms of kammic explanation, many types of wildlife are not meant to be eaten. Example tigers, bears, monkeys, iguana, snakes, etc. The spirit of the animal is able to enter into a person’s body through the meat and blood that you consumed from it. The more torture the animal went through before it dies, the more hatred it gets, and the more vengeful the spirit would be.

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