Does karma plays a role in Covid19 pandemic?

Last Updated on July 18, 2020

Yes, I do believe that karmic/kammic forces has a role to play in the current Covid19 pandemic. In a previous article, I have written about danger times in the lives of each person whereby one’s faces a danger that potentially threaten one’s life.  And for those who escape from contracting the virus, there is an economic impact that potentially affect one’s livelihood and mental well-being.

Throughout history, you would find large populations being wiped out suddenly by natural disaster, wars or disease pandemics. HIV/AIDs first started, it killed an estimate of 32 million people, SARS estimate up to half a million and few notable others.

Even if it is not Covid, daily we still have many people dying from accidents, arson, murder, heart attacks, cancer and other illnesses. It is just that with Covid, the illness is very easy to spread and currently a cure could not be found for this illness.

Because there are no cure, many supposedly alternative cures are being recommended. The most recent (and absolutely horrible) suggestion came from boiling black cats in Vietnam. While harmless and unproven methods circulating around social media such as drinking warm water, saline water and consuming belacan water (belacan is used to prepare many chili dishes in South East Asia), ginger, turmeric water, etc. No harm giving it a try so long as it is not going to access. But killing cats! Please!

Killing an innocent animal would not help…. in fact, it literally creates negative kamma as cats can be quite vindictive spirits (like snakes). So please, don’t subject yourself to this superstitious belief.

What does karma and unseen spiritual world has to do with covid?

To answer this question, do go back to how is covid transmitted. Don’t you think it is the case of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time that leads to transmission? If you did come into contact with an infected person, then you would not get infected. For example getting into a flight, car, train, and at places such as stores, hospitals, etc that opens you to infection.

Have you ever heard stories about people who wanted to go somewhere but got a persistent message not to go? There have been shared cases in the US about how some people felt they heard a nudging for them to wait a little longer when the light turn green only to see a truck zooming past beating a red light, or how they narrowly missed an accident because something told them to move towards another lane seconds before another vehicle speed past where they are supposed to be.

There is a case of a Taiwanese student who was studying in US. He decided to go for holiday with his friends and bought the flight of one of the United Airline that crashed in the 911 attack. The reason why he did not get into the plane was because one night he had a dream… he was going to get up the flight. Usually at departure gates, you would find flight attendants ushering you to get up the plane. But in his dream, instead of flight attendants, the recognized them as lord of deaths who typically come to usher people who are going to die. You can watch the video below with English subtitles where he talked about the dream starting from 6.13 minutes:

If we, our loved ones or people we come into contact with are not in the wrong place at the wrong time, then we would not get infected. However having said that, it does not mean that we need to throw caution to the wind and leave it all up to our ‘kamma’. We would not know what would happen in the future. Hence, please take the necessary precautions….put on a mask, wash your hands, go straight to the shower the moment you are back and soak your clothes in antibacterial solution the moment you are back. Also disinfect your car regularly. These are factors that are within our control.

Aside from taking precautions, what else we can do to help ourselves?

There are certain countries where infection rate is very low. For example Tibet and Myanmar. Yes, you may say that these countries have very limited visitors. But in Myanmar, the monks are actively engaging in chanting and prayers.

Therefore if I may, my humble suggestion is we can also help ourselves is prayers and dedication of goodness or merits to our guardian beings as well as karmic debtors. You can pray according to your respective beliefs and faith. For example you can chant a protective verse from the Bible for Christians. Each religion has its respective protective verses, chants or mantras.

Repeat the verses for specific time and try to block out other intruding thoughts (for example what to cook today, what TV program to watch in Netflix, etc). At the end, dedicate this energy of goodness in gratitude to your God or guardian beings. Also dedicate to any beings/spirits/ persons whom you have wronged and seek sincere forgiveness. Wish them well and happy.

In the beginning, you may find a lot of ‘interference’ and disturbance, as in many people who started to develop spiritual strength would bound to encounter. Continue on and not only you would feel safer, but emotionally you would feel calmer and more at peace. You would also attract beings with higher vibrations and strengthen those who are protecting you with your prayers. With time, forgiveness of some of beings whom you have harmed in the past, knowing or unknowingly.

Just set aside a small amount of time each day in your little spiritual practice. Try to set a fixed timing, example right before your sleep or in the morning after you wake up, or evening before dinner, etc. Even if something bad is to happen, at least your mind would be able to face it with calm and courage. Trust me, it really makes a difference.



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