Spiritual protection against pandemics and dangers

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

In everyone’s life, there would be a few times where one undergoes a life threatening events that could result in death.

Since there is a lot of fear going on about Covid19, I would like to offer a perspective from the spiritual point of view.

How long we have on earth is actually marked by either what I could call as absolute, and non absolute.

Absolute is the maximum lifespan we can have in this life. Meaning, when we reach that time, we would passed on through causes such as natural factors, illness, etc.

The non absolute is a negotiable time. It is a dangerous period that could result in death. It is life threatening but it is not absolute, ie the person may be able survive and move on till the next dangerous time come, and continue till he/she reaches the absolute timing where the time is truly up.

In order to increase our odds of surviving, there is no other way to go about it… We have to be invested in virtue, goodness and develop some form of spiritual practice. Before you roll your eyes thinking yep, another nonsense article you found on the internet, please hear me out.

I want to say that when I was young, I was a selfish, ambitious, bad tempered and materialistic person. After losing my dad and almost my mom at the same time, as well as a couple of traumatising events in my life, I started to turn inwards and came to certain realizations.

If it is not Covid, it would be other causes that could potentially take someone’s life… Terminal illness, accidents, being killed sudden death, natural disasters, depression leading to suicide, etc.

Covid, like the Spanish flu, influenza and tsunami are something that is coming in for the big sweep of collectively individuals who are experiencing the ‘danger’ part of their lives. I noticed after some intervals from time to time, there would be something that comes along totally beyond human control and taking away many lives.

If one lives life purely in indulgence and also engaging in self destructive habits, then one is just using up one’s life force energy and not doing anything to replenish it. It is like a bank account of life where one only withdraw and use, and withdraw and use. No deposit or doing anything to replenish. Just use and use.

Eventually the account goes into near zero, zero or even negative balance. That means the life force depletes and the person’s life would likely meet an end.

The thing is, no one knows how long we have to live. But the spirit world knows it and in cases where the spirits of those we have wronged (not necessary in this life but past life) can lie await for that time or any low energy points in our lives and ‘attack’.

How to increase your odds of survival not only for this pandemic but other dangerous period of your life?

I take it that you know precautions such as wearing masks and staying away from crowded areas, etc as countless articles and videos talk about this. Therefore I would cover the spiritual aspect. It is really simple and taught literally in all faiths in the world:

1. Be a good person with a clear conscience

You do not have to be perfect, but at least make the effort to try. Also no hyprocicy… Example if you are always ‘truthful’ but your words hurt others and cause discord, then while you are techinically telling the truth, you are also harming others which would nullify all your good efforts.

This is very important because if your heart is genuinely good, you attract protection.

For example, I remember a story of a Muslim girl. She was staying in US while pursuing studies. One night while she was walking back, she decided to take a shortcut to get home. She could see a guy in standing at the end of the road.

She was terrified as she had a bad feeling about the guy. She quickly said some prayers silently asking for protection and safety. As she walk passed the guy, she was relieved he did not attack her. He just stood there.

The next day, she read in the local news that a woman was attacked and raped in the place around the same time she was there that night. She went to police station report the case and managed to identify the same guy in a lineup.

She was puzzled.. By police record, the attack on the other woman happened just 10 minutes after she passed the place. Why didn’t the guy attack her? She could not help it, and needed to know. She asked permission from the police and was allowed to speak to the guy.

She asked him, ‘I passed by you before the victim. Why you did not attack me even though you saw that I was alone?’

The guy said, ‘yes, I saw you first. But why did you say you were alone? There were two men with you that time. One on your left and another on your right. Rest assured had you been alone that night I would have attacked you because you were there earlier.’

If your heart is bad, you attract bad energy or dark entities that will feed off your life force.

2. Make effort to minimize negative emotions

Do your best not to think ill of people, talk negative or talk trash or harm others. When you constantly give way to anger, ruminating, manipulative behaviors, you lower your vibrations. If you constantly give in to temper flares, have you ever notice that it can come to a point where you can get so angry and ended up saying very very mean things or caused physical harm to others….like when you did these things you felt like out of control. After that when you cool down, you have no idea why it got so bad.

Do note there are entities that feed off from your negative energies. Because your vibration is lowered, it creates a lower and lower barrier till eventually when it gets bad enough, a partial or even full possession can happen.

3. Work towards overcoming substance abuse like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Each time you numb your senses with drugs and alcohol, not only you are affecting your health, you are creating large gaps in your energy or auric fields that enables spirit attachment from entities that once were addicts themselves when alive. The more you do it, the more of them attach to you and the more you find it hard to break from that addiction.

It is the same as having one night stands or indiscriminate sex. During sex, the negative energy (and often negative entites) enters your body directly. The effect is more damaging and long lasting.

4. Start spiritual practice to protect yourself, your family

Every faith teaches one on how to practice according to the principles of the faith itself. Follow them. But if your religious leader have the habit of bashing other religions to make their religion look good, stay away from following them because the energy is very negative.

Just start off with 5 minutes a day the first thing you get up and before you go to sleep. Especially if you wake up every morning feeling drained instead of refreshed. Then you seriously need to just invest some time in it. Either in prayer, meditation or chanting. Start with what you know and comfortable with. Request for protection, have gratitude for the things in your life and send out good wishes to all beings.

Initially when you start, you may feel super tired or even annoyed and tempted to stop. Please continue on and after a while, the feeling will go off.

10 years before my mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer, she suddenly had the urge to start chanting. We are Buddhist, so she took a booklet of Buddhist chants and made use of her time commuting to work to memorise the chants.

She started with few lines, memorise them and then keep adding on the lines. She had to already get up early as she wanted to cook for us before going to work. So order to make time for chanting, she had to be up before 5am each day. She told me when she first started to chant in the morning, she felt extra sleepy and sometimee like something pulling her downwards to sleep. She persisted on without giving up and after about 2 weeks, the feeling went off and was replaced by alertness.

She did this every day without fail and the chanting grew to 45 minutes each day as she increase the repetition and added some new chants.

10 years later, my mom got tonsil cancer and was in a really bad shape. At the same time, my dad got a stroke, went into a coma and passed away from it.

Both my mom and dad are not bad people. But my dad never believe in spiritual practice… Just work and come home to watch TV and read the papers and sleep. Next day repeat again.

Why the incident happened at the same time was due to a ripening of an act of kamma that both of them did years ago. That was why both of them went through life threatening phrase where unfortunately my dad did not survive. The only difference between them was my mom, in her life was always generous and helpful. And I have no doubt that 10 years of daily chanting saved her life. And it had happened more than once. Not only that, the chanting gave her heart more inner peace.

You may say that you have seen many good people die and bad people prosper. Yes, it is true as these things happen. But one thing is for sure, when you have some inner strength and goodness within you, when your time on earth is up, you would not be terrified when it is time to go.

Few years ago while driving out of my office at night after a long day of work, I was turning out into a main road from a small intersection as I have done thousands of time before.

I have no idea why I did not see the truck that was coming downhill at the main road. I turned into the main road to go right to the other road and the next thing I heard was desperate honking of the truck driver. While turning right I was passing directly to his path and the truck would hit me straight at the driver’s seat.

By the time I registered the truck, it was too late to do anything. I just stared at the oncoming truck, blinded like a deer staring into the headlights. And yes, my life flashed right in front of my mind’s eyes. Then the question just flashed through spontenously in my mind…. Have I done enough?

Then the flashbacks came… The time I took care of my mom when she was sick, pursuing spiritual practice, choosing a job that help people instead of material gain. In milliseconds, these flashes could happen and the heart able to interpret the deep meaning of it.

I knew that I could have done more but for now, it is good enough. My shoulders felt very cold and frozen like into shock. There is fear and my heart was leaping out of my throat, but the moment I felt I had done my best, was also a strange feeling of peace.

Ok, my heart just accept what that is about to happen.

But since you are reading this right now, obviously I am still alive….

What happened is truck, somehow as if by miracle was able to brake on time. I could hear the sounds of the tyres screetching with desperate horns ringing. The truck came to a stop merely inches from hitting my driver’s door where I was the driver.

Till today, I did not understand how the truck driver could brake in time coz it was travelling on a downhill road, going very fast and it is a heavy vehicle, thus having high momentum.

Everything happened in mere seconds. I looked at the driver and his co driver whom I see both were more in shock than anger. Once I regained my senses, I looked at my rear view mirror before reversing back to the junction. I could see a young male driver at the back car, his jaw dropped open and he quickly reversed to give me space.

This is a true incident. It gave me a glimpse of what possibly could occur at one’s last thought moment. In a span of mere milliseconds, a life audit could flash past. I could understand if one leads life in the wrong direction, those spontenous thoughts could be terrifying. But if we do the best we could, try to avoid doing evil, when the time comes it is not scary.

So, just start with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of daily spiritual practice based on your own pace. And see where it goes from there.

Show up and do it even on days you do not feel like it. We would most likely waste it on social media or idle chatter if we don’t do it. You have nothing to use. Think of it as buying spiritual insurance.

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