In order to get healthy, it is not necessary for you to invest in a gym membership. You can exercise in nature or during cold/rainy/winter weather, set up your own little home gym. Here are some tools to help you:

exercise home - Exercise

1. Rebook shoesir?t=yinteing 20&l=ur2&o=1 - ExerciseStart with a reasonable pair of sports shoes. Personally I use Reebook as well as Adidas. When you are doing any aerobic, cardio or strength training exercises, you need to wear sport shoes. Going barefoot or in sandals would cause you to risk injury.

In terms of attire, for ladies, wear a real good sports bra for support.

2. Stability ball
I bought my Nordic stability ball and have been using it for many years. Initially it was for exercise to develop my core or just to bounce around when watching TV. Late  I find the ball useful in helping me ease my lower back pain- I would lie down and put up legs up to the ball. Sometimes at the bed I would put my legs up the ball and then do the twist left and right. It does help to relieve any lower back tension that I have.

3. Resistance bands
Resistance bands are inexpensive, portable equipment. Even though they cannot help you build strong muscles, but you can get a decent workout from these bands. When I was travelling, I used to take them with me as part of my resistance training. I also find it very useful to relieve stiff muscles as I do stretching exercises using these bands. You can even do exercises with your resistance bands while watching TV:


4. Exercise programs
Nowadays you can find a lot of exercise videos in YouTube available for free. You can create a playlist of your favourite exercises that you can do at home.

Personally for me, I like Leslie Sansone program as well as the Body Balance exercises from Les Mills. For Leslie Sansone, I’ve got a few of her DVDs and would play them so that I can exercise while watching TV or watching educational YouTube videos. I just like her personality.

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