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If you have visited my blog before, you would notice the layout of the homepage has changed.

At about 12am US time on 17 August 2017 (about 3pm Malaysian time on 17 Aug), I’ve switched the homepage to a static page instead of displaying latest posts.  Before the switch could happen, I had to prepare a lot of new pages that will link to the main topic, a process that began since last month.

I hope with these changes you would find it easier to look for information. This blog has been around for more than 10 years with hundreds of blog posts. Like many blogs, a lot of the old (and still relevant) blog posts gets buried in the archives. So much that even I have to struggle to look for my older posts.

The homepage would now be a static page which display the main topics that this blog covers at one glance.  This would enable visitors to identify the area they wish to look for. Upon clicking to a particular topic, you would arrive at the main listing where I group together blog posts written about that particular topic. When you click on the article, you would be able to read the posts and you can see similar topics at the sidebar. For example, if you are reading an article on arthritis, there are other similar articles related to arthritis listed in the sidebar.

With this new layout, I am able to trim information on my sidebar as previously it was displaying about 3 random articles for certain categories. Even though I did not manage to include all categories, the sidebar itself is very long.

My work is not done yet…. I will be looking into breaking down into smaller and more specific sections should time permits. For example, the Diets/Exercise/Losing Weight have far too many posts listed under them.

Hopefully this would make it easier for you to find the information that you wish to search for.



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