How to Keep your Bread Longer

Last Updated on July 30, 2020

Not sure if you are aware of this, but I’ve just learned that there is a way to preserve your bread – and have it tasting fresh too. This works well especially if you usually baked a lot of bread or if you are staying alone and one loaf takes too long to finish. Not to mention giving the economic times, we can’t be throwing away an unfinished loaf just because they have expired and buying a new loaf.

Here’s how to keep your bread longer:

1. When buying bread, try to get the loaf as freshly baked as possible.

2. Figure out how many slices you want to eat prior to expiry and keep aside. As for the rest, put in the FREEZER. Yes, in the freezer and as soon as possible.

3. With this, you can get your bread even though it has way past its shelf life. Each time you want to eat, just take out and defrost it about 2 hours from the time you want to eat it. Better yet, you can toast or microwave the bread.

The reason why you want to freeze a freshly baked loaf is because it will taste fresh when you defrost. I find it to be very true- we bake our own bread sometimes and when using 1kg of flour at one time, there is a lot of bread to be finished. So what the family does is to immediately freeze the bread the moment the freshly baked bread is out from the oven and had cooled down to room temperature. It taste great- just like fresh from the oven.

This is also true for the elderly or those who are staying alone or in an isolated places when getting a loaf of bread is not easy as walking to the nearest convenient store. There was a lady from Australia whom I heard would buy bread in bulk and then freezes them as it is not convenient for her to get bread often.

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