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Yesterday, 26 April 2007, I have made a decision. Starting from today, 27 April 2007, I will consciously cut down sugar, especially refined sugar from my life.

Why I want to journal it in this blog:

  • I can think better when typing. And I type faster than I write.
  • As a motivation to keep myself going.
  • To be able to look back to see how the journey have been.

Why I decide to cut down of sugar when all my life I could not do it:
1. To fed up with fatique/ tiredness – I will do anything that can safely take it away.
2. To fight the effects of food have on my behaviour and mood.
3. And of course, to lose weight.

Like many challenges in my life that I have sought and learned to overcome, what lies ahead of me is yet another uphill task. But the rewards are huge and worth the effort. Can I do it? Well, only time will tell and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. Wish me luck 🙂

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