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If you have a health ailment but extensive medical tests show nothing is wrong, and you are looking into exploring possible emotional factors, you may drop a comment below (I would not publish your comment but would respond via email if I require further clarification) or  PM me at my Facebook page,

Important: I am not a qualified doctor so this does not constitute medical advice. It is important that you get yourself checked to rule out any serious health ailments. Only if after you have gone the necessary medical tests but still cannot find anything wrong or do not understand why a particular chronic issue keep recurring despite being on medication and controlled lifestyle, you may pose a question if you wish to explore the possible mind body connection to illness. For further information, please read my Disclaimer Page.

For more than 10 years I have been researching into the connection between emotional health and illness after noticing some unexplainable health issues that goes off suddenly once I identify and deal with the emotion triggers.


A friend had numbness on left side and hearing issue on left ear. Did extensive tests including MRI and specialists found nothing wrong. I asked if there was a woman who constantly shout at her, and it hurts her emotionally so she was trying desperately to shut off. She looked at me stunned, then broke down and cried.

Other issues that have emotional causes including dementia, rheumatoid, chronic pains, unexplained eye issues (but test came back normal), etc.

I am NOT gonna sell you any supplements, course or program or charge you any money.

Only thing I wish is to have more sharings to deepen my understanding and research into mind body connection towards illness. And if you are okay then to remove all identifiable information and share with others who may have the same condition as you so that they can too, find healing.

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