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Alzheimer’s and Tube Feeding Resource

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This page would contain resources related to Tube Feeding for those who is not able to swallow in a large percentage of end stage dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. It is based on my experience caring for my mother with this condition. Please look out for articles which would be updated in stages. SECTION ON FEED RELATED: TUBE [...]

Dementia | Alzheimer’s

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You are at Main Section> Dementia | Alzheimer’s For resources on tube feeding for end stage Alzheimer’s/dementia, please refer to this section. VIEW ALSO RESOURCE PAGE FOR SENIORS WITH MOBILITY ISSUES


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Below are overview of some of the sections covered in this blog as well as further information/products/ readings that I feel would benefit the visitor.


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You are at Main Section> Fatigue/ Tiredness This section covers articles related to Fatigue and ways to overcome it:

Pain Management & Posture

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You are at Main Section> Pain & Posture This section contains articles related to Pain and Posture including lower back pain and general pain management. Please click on related tab to view:  


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