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How to motivate yourself to drink more water

drink water 300x279 - How to motivate yourself to drink more water

Most people are just chronically dehydrated. In case you do not know, tea, coffee and Coke dehydrates your body. The best is good old plain water.   You probably know that you do not drink enough of water. Most of the time, you would be so engrossed in work that you will delay that trip [...]

Kudos to Seniors Joining the Gym

senior1 300x200 - Kudos to Seniors Joining the Gym

Recently, I’ve noticed an increased number of seniors and retirees joining gyms. I can see them working out at the cardio and weight area – this really gladdens me. It’s great to know that they are willing to invest and make the commitment to exercise as there are more awareness now to the benefits of [...]

My Home Gym Equipments

home fitness equipment gym 300x199 - My Home Gym Equipments

Currently even though I am a member of a gym, I still purchase a couple of equipments for home training. Some may ask that with the steep gym membership, why add more cost to purchase equipment? Reasons: due to work commitments, unable to make it to the gym as often as I would like to [...]