Do not Ignore Signs of Stroke- real story of my auntie

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Here are the SIGNS OF STROKE as per American Heart Institute. Please heed these warnings signs. I want to share with you on what happened to my favourite auntie (my mom’s 5th sister) as a lesson not to delay in obtaining medical treatment. She had been feeling “out of sorts” and uncomfortable. A part of [...]

Get Regular Medical Screening to Rule Out the Silent Killers

Blood Pressure

The top 3 killer diseases in Malaysia: No. 1: Heart Diseases No. 2: Cancer No. 3: Stroke It’s sad to know that on all together- these 3 diseases combined take away one life every 5 minutes. All the 3 diseases are preventable and treatable with early screening. Most of the time, we never thought of [...]

A Qi Gong Teacher Passed Away from Stroke

qigong 300x199 - A Qi Gong Teacher Passed Away from Stroke

My friend told me that her parents’ Qi Gong teacher just passed away. He died from a ruptured blood vessel in his brain, ie stroke. The news came as a huge shock to her parents as well as his other students. No doubt the instructor had taught Qi Gong for many years, the factors that [...]