Why people get high blood pressure

Blood Pressure

My own dad had high blood pressure and subsequently died from stroke years ago. His death was one of my life defining events that made me want to get to the bottom of a lot of health related issues. I had always belief that his death, like those of many others could have been prevented. [...]

Real stories of those paralyzed by stroke but is able to walk again

Chiropractor treatment afterstroke

The following is a personal story shared by Dr Jeffrey Chiew, in his book The Millionaire Formula where he writes about mind over matter: When you perform mental programming, you must believe that it will really happen. You must give it a reasonable time to work its wonders. I first came across subconscious programming when [...]

Do not Ignore Signs of Stroke- real story of my auntie

Blood Pressure

Here are the SIGNS OF STROKE as per American Heart Institute. Please heed these warnings signs. I want to share with you on what happened to my favourite auntie (my mom’s 5th sister) as a lesson not to delay in obtaining medical treatment. She had been feeling “out of sorts” and uncomfortable. A part of [...]

Get Regular Medical Screening to Rule Out the Silent Killers

Blood Pressure

The top 3 killer diseases in Malaysia: No. 1: Heart Diseases No. 2: Cancer No. 3: Stroke It’s sad to know that on all together- these 3 diseases combined take away one life every 5 minutes. All the 3 diseases are preventable and treatable with early screening. Most of the time, we never thought of [...]

A Qi Gong Teacher Passed Away from Stroke

qigong 150x150 - A Qi Gong Teacher Passed Away from Stroke

My friend told me that her parents’ Qi Gong teacher just passed away. He died from a ruptured blood vessel in his brain, ie stroke. The news came as a huge shock to her parents as well as his other students. No doubt the instructor had taught Qi Gong for many years, the factors that [...]