Strength Training

Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

exercise fitness stretching 150x150 - Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

Here’s my strengths & weaknesses: Cardio- Improving. Treadmill: Spend a lot of time running at the treadmill, at the speed between 8.5 to 9.0 km/hr which I am able to maintain for 10 min. Then I will do brisk walk for about a minute or two before increasing the gradient of the machine to 4.0 [...]

Phrases of a Workout

exercise fitness stretching 150x150 - Phrases of a Workout

4 important steps in a proper workout. Step One: Start with a warm up. Warm-up is not stretching, as what I had been taught during my school days. It consists of light cardio work to warm up those muscles. Maybe 5 to 10 min of lighter workout at the bike or treadmill. When you stretch [...]

The Fat Flush Fitness Plan

diet fatflush 150x150 - The Fat Flush Fitness Plan

I am quite amazed at the Fat Flush Fitness plan book that I am currently reading. Several pointers mentioned in the book: 1. Liver detox is crucial to losing unwanted weight. squeeze some lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Helps cleanse the liver. certain medication such [...]