How to Clean Constantly Dirty Feet and Cracked Heels

How to clean dirty feet and cracked heels

Everyone knows if you step onto mud or other dirty places, you will come back with both dirty black feet. That is common sense. But what I am referring to is folks who have feet that seemed to act like dirt vacuums. That is, your feet tends to trap dirt easily and it’s difficult to [...]

Possible Causes of Sudden Skin Rashes

skin itch monkeys 185x300 - Possible Causes of Sudden Skin Rashes

Read also: Emotional Causes of Skin Rashes & Unexplained Eye Pain Do you suddenly find that you develop skin rashes for no apparent reason? Probably you find that a certain area of your skin becoming itchy and when you give in to the urge to scratch it, a red patch formed- the rash seemed to have [...]