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Why People Get Arthritis

arthritis hands senior 150x150 - Why People Get Arthritis

Chinese Traditional medicine implicates that arthritis is caused by element imbalance- normally too much of ‘damp’ and ‘wind’ in the body resulting in blockages on the chi channel. As one ages and the immune system is not as strong and roboust as it used to be, these chronic blockages will result in pain. If you [...]

How to Relieve Mouth Ulcers

nail bite lips 150x150 - How to Relieve Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcer is an extremely uncomfortable condition where open sores appear inside the area of the mouth. To relieve the ulcer, you can apply relieving gels such as Bonjela that are sold over the counter in pharmacies. However, if the gels are not available, you can relieve by smashing up a vitamin B12 or B [...]

Treat ‘Wind in the Stomach’ with Simple Acupressure

belly stomach 150x150 - Treat 'Wind in the Stomach' with Simple Acupressure

Having pains in your stomach you are unable to relieve after a few days? The sharp pain felt as though wind is trapped in your stomach? Aside from ensuring that you be well behaved and just discipline yourself to eat apples or oranges first thing in the morning & keep away from iced drinks, you can also [...]

How to Relieve PMS

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Many women suffer from PMS during that time of the month. Common signs: bloating excessive stomach pain (especially at the lower area)- the pain is similar to a mild labor pain lower back pain tired sometimes headaches or migraines I used to have PMS during the years when I was inactive and not exercising. However, [...]

Holistic Cures for Various Stomach Ailments: Sharp pain, spasms, wind

fruit detox 150x150 - Holistic Cures for Various Stomach Ailments: Sharp pain, spasms, wind

Many visitors came to my site looking for information to overcome stomach ailments such as pain, gastric, discomfort, spasms. A change of diet habits with more intake of fibre helps to overcome the problem. I’ve list the articles here (click on the underlinked link to read more): Natural Cures for Stomach Ailments/ Pain/ Spasms. Years [...]

Caught a chill & treating it without medication

why i keep getting colds 150x150 - Caught a chill & treating it without medication

Most of us will tend to take our health for granted when we are well and able. When we fall sick or injured ourselves, then we will realise that functions that we take for granted, from having energy to perform our activities to daily mobility is something so valuable. It has been raining for these [...]