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Wrong Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

massage shoulder 300x212 - Wrong Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

I have to quote a passage that I read from the book  The British Holistic Medical Association: Beating Back Pain by Dr John Tanner.  What I like about Dr John Tanner’s book is that he is a qualified practioner in orthopedic medicine and psychology. He goes into in depth discussion on matters related to back [...]

Overcoming Lower Back Pain Through Exercise

exercise fitness stretching 300x200 - Overcoming Lower Back Pain Through Exercise

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailment faced by people from all walks of life and work occupation. If you suffer from severe lower back pain to the extend that you are unable to walk or move, please consult a physican to rule out any spine injuries, slipped disk or herniated disk. [...]

The Importance Core Conditioning

exercise yoga core fitness woman 300x199 - The Importance Core Conditioning

In the world where everyone’s obsessed about looking like body builders or super models, the focus has always been on cardiovascular and strength training. There’s even growing trend that’s talking about how certain protein, steroids and supplements can form muscle bulks. Sorry, but in my blog, I do not cover any other methods towards fitness [...]