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Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

Complementary Healing
acupressure 150x150 - Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

In order for holistic and complementary treatments to be effective in long run, it is paramount to accompany these treatments with a change towards healthy lifestyle. Many people tend to complain that ‘I went for acupressure- initially it works but after a while, it is not effective’. Months ago, I passed by a shop that [...]

Small Acupressure Tool- made of wood

Complementary Healing
acupressurewoodtool 150x150 - Small Acupressure Tool- made of wood

If I am not mistaken, the tool as shown in the picture below is used for massage. But I find it very useful as an acupressure tool. I bought the sturdy wooden tool from a small stall in the remote area of Thailand. Can’t comfirm if it is really used for acupressure- but I find [...]


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Welcome to Health Blog ( are a lot of articles in this blog. To start off, you may browse the main categories to view articles:MAIN SECTIONS:  ADHD/ Asperger/ AutismMake the best use of the skills and learn to work around the limitationAddiction/ DepressionOvercome these debilitating feelingsArthritisRelieve through complementary treatment from experienced shared by othersCancerArticles on experiences [...]

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

Complementary Healing, Pain or Injuries
guasa 150x150 - Simple tools for pain management and self massage

When I was travelling (spending hours in the airport, plane or car/van/bus), doing housework or sitting too much on my working desk doing work on my computer, I tend to develop muscle aches and stiffness. Rather than spending money each time going to massage, visiting my chiropractor or going for bekam treatments, I would use tools like this to help with pain relief. It does provide relief and reduce the number of trips that I need to pay to go for treatments

Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Pain or Injuries
woman pain 150x150 - Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be terrible and unbearable for a woman to go through.

A few friends I know suffered from severe cramps that they would usually go on medical leave on the first day. From experience, I have found rebounding to be the most effective way of relieving painful menstrual cramps during periods. No matter how much of pain I feel, in less than 10 minutes of bouncing on my rebounder or mini trampoline, the pain would completely disappear.

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

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Alzheimer symptoms start many years before it actually manifest

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer’s in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very wrong years and even decades before their official diagnosis.  If you suspect that your forgetfulness is very unusual, it helps to do more research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and keep informed of the latest developments in battling the illness.

Why the pain got worse after traditional treatment/ chiropractor?

Complementary Healing
man pain 150x150 - Why the pain got worse after traditional treatment/ chiropractor?

My chiropractor shared with me that some people’s condition does get worse after treatment. Some people may blame the treatment for being ineffective, or the chiropractor being incompetent.  But in reality, people who are under this category may already have the pain and condition for along time before seeking treatment. Prior to the treatment, they may have been seeing conventional doctors who prescribe muscle relaxant or painkillers which suppresses the pain. So during the adjustment, the internal issues flare up to the surface but it may be wrongly assumed as the condition had gotten worse.