This blog journeys my research and observation on the role that emotions, personality and spiritual plays in disorders, illness (mental and physical). These articles are not meant to persuade you to replace your primary healthcare services. Instead, for you to consider that while doctors are healing you, what you can do to try to heal your mind, emotions and spirit.

People who are able to see dead people

roadtrip highway3 150x150 - People who are able to see dead people

The ability to see the death is not culture, race or religion dependent. Some people just have the ability to see dead people (known in Chinese as having 阴阳眼). Because this particular ability or curse (as some would call it) only happens to a small minority of people living amongst those who are not able [...]

Is bak kut teh healthy for you?

Diets, Heart Diseases, Popular
Healthy bak kut teh

Bak kut teh is a well known known Chinese dish. Sometimes people translate bak kut teh as a kind of tea but to me, it is very much like a herbal soup. Originally a Hokkien dish, it is much loved by many Chinese folks in Malaysia and Singapore. The soup is boiled with Chinese medicinal [...]

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

Complementary Healing, Pain or Injuries
self massageitems1 150x150 - Simple tools for pain management and self massage

In Thailand, when you visit the marketplace, small stalls at shopping complex or street bazaars, you would be able to see many stores selling simple massage items.  These items are inexpensive and can be used as a quick relief for muscle aches and discomfort. The items are (kindly refer to the pictures for the diagram): [...]

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

Complementary Healing, Pain or Injuries
Hospital incorporating traditional Chinese medicine

In the past when I was working in corporate, being sedentary, work stress and spending hours sitting in front of a computer caused me a number of pain and discomfort. I’ve had severe shoulder pains that caused pain even with the slight turning of my head. As well as severe lower back pain- I always [...]

Should an acute Hepatitis B patient start on entecavir- personal experience

Baraclude entecavir 0.5mg that my mom is taking

In this article, I wanted to share on my personal experience in starting my mom on entecavir medicine for my mom’s acute hepatitis B, and whether if starting my mom on this medicine was wise or not. I am able to speak only from my experience and it is important to note that it may [...]

Fever and danger of death due to inflammation

sleeping 150x150 - Fever and danger of death due to inflammation

Doctors would prescribe medication after an operation or stitching of an open wound. The common medications are antibiotics, anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers. It is compulsory to take the antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. However, the painkiller is optional….to be taken only if there is pain. Failure to take the medication would result in [...]

Rheumatoid Arthritis- food to avoid and healing with acupuncture

Arthritis, Complementary Healing
Rheumatoid arthritis

There is no known absolute cure for rheumatoid arthritis. If you see a doctor with regards to your condition, then you would be prescribed with NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or steroids to manage the condition. I am able to write more about this condition because I have recently developed the early stage of rheumatoid arthritis. Please [...]

Tonsil issues and cancer- and link to ‘swallowing’ one’s emotion

Cancer, Mind-Body Connection
taking a clear look at our perspective

My mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in year 2000. Actually she had felt a lump at her throat for a few years prior to the diagnosis. But the lump was not painful- it was just there. Hence my mom initially thought nothing much of it. I wanted to write this article after having a [...]