The Core

The Importance Core Conditioning

exercise yoga core fitness woman 150x150 - The Importance Core Conditioning

In the world where everyone’s obsessed about looking like body builders or super models, the focus has always been on cardiovascular and strength training. There’s even growing trend that’s talking about how certain protein, steroids and supplements can form muscle bulks. Sorry, but in my blog, I do not cover any other methods towards fitness [...]

Project ‘Tummy’ Part 7- Conclusion

belly stomach 150x150 - Project 'Tummy' Part 7- Conclusion

Concluding from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6… Recap: When I started this little self-project on 27 Oct, a.ka experimentation, I made the following changes: doing crunches on the Swiss/balance ball in almost every workout session. Sometimes I do 30, 40 and even up to 80 times. But if [...]

Project ‘Tummy’ Part 3- Swiss Ball Crunches

belly stomach 150x150 - Project 'Tummy' Part 3- Swiss Ball Crunches

Continuation from Part 1 & Part 2. I think my hunch on using the Swiss ball is working. Yesterday at the gym, I did 40 times crunches using the Swiss ball aside from the following schedule: yoga class (1hr) 45 min of cardio (the intensity: 350 kcal) then another yoga class (1hr) Feels good as yoga [...]

Project ‘Tummy’- Part 2- Progress so far

belly stomach 150x150 - Project 'Tummy'- Part 2- Progress so far

Continuation from Part 1. Exercise This week, have been doing crunches using the Swiss Ball/ balance ball. About 50 to 60 times per gym sessions. So far, managed to go to the gym twice this week. Aside from that, still do cardio and go for classes (mainly yoga). What I am experiencing: my core feels [...]