Reviews of Different Diet Plans

diet plan 150x150 - Reviews of Different Diet Plans

PROGRAM THAT REQUIRES YOU TO CUT OFF CERTAIN FOOD GROUPS FROM YOUR DIET: 1. Glycaemix Index/ Glucose Revolution Different carbs get coverted to blood sugar at a different speed- real human are used as subjects whereby they take the carbs and then have their blood sugar measured at different intervals. The result: the Glycaemix Index [...]

Enjoyable Exercises You Can Do at Home

exercise stabilityball 150x150 - Enjoyable Exercises You Can Do at Home

Here are some enjoyable exercises- where it raises your heart rate, at the same time, it is enjoyable: Paula Abdul Hip Hop Cardio Dance Gospel Dance Aerobics Dance Aerobics (if you don’t understand the language, just follow the movements) Aerobic Dance (learn to isolate body parts when dancing) Arabic Belly Dance Fat Burning: Part 1, [...]

Exercises Using Resistance Bands

yoga pose band 150x150 - Exercises Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that you can use for exercising at home. Information about exercise bands from the web: Complete list of exercises with illustrations Sample exercises from American Council on Exercise Here are some exercise samples that I got from YouTube: How to Use a Resistance Band for Exercise Body workout using resistance [...]

Videos for Injuries/ Pain

body knee pain exercise 150x150 - Videos for Injuries/ Pain

Please perform these exercise at the level you can manage- do not over exert Exercise to help overcome: Muscle Cramps Cramps on the thighs Cramps on the foot Lower back pain Yoga Postures to cure back pain Pilates to Relieve Lower Back Pain Lower Back Exercise Learn the pretzel, and knee to chest pull Back [...]

Exercise Videos on the Swiss Ball/ Core Training

exercise stabilityball 150x150 - Exercise Videos on the Swiss Ball/ Core Training

Here are the exercise videos on how to use the Swiss Ball, also known as Balance/ Exercise/ Fit / Stability Ball: How to use an Exercise Ball Balance Ball Exercises for Beginners Cardio Ball 1 Stability Ball 101 Chris Comfort’s Swiss Ball Exercises Pilates Workout on the Stability Ball. Pilates Ball Workout to Improve Balance [...]

Motivational Adventures from Others Out There

happy woman 150x150 - Motivational Adventures from Others Out There

CHECK OUT THE UPDATED LISTING UNDER RECOMMENDED SITES There are really other people in the world who went on their fitness/diet plan and loses tonnes of weight and kept it off. Here are some blog or online journal started by others who are going through the weight loss journey. 100 Top Health & Wellness Blog [...]

Videos on Health & Fitness

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Last Update: Sunday, 2 December 07 From Videojug How to Perform a Tricepts Workout Without Weights Pilates to tone your arms Pilates: How to Achieve Great Abdominals 5 Invigorating Exercises Using Balance Ball Pilates- how to prevent & relieve lower backache Videojug also contains videos in other health & exercise categories. From YouTube Hatha Yoga [...]

Bookmarked & useful resource sites

food diary book 150x150 - Bookmarked & useful resource sites

I am keeping a list of useful resources. Once in a blog, easy to retrieve :) 1. Glycemic Index– useful tool to gauge how fast the food you are taking is being converted to blood sugar: 2. Johhny Bowden – nutritionist life coach from Diet section in Ivillage website. I really like reading his articles [...]

Where to get your snack supplies

nuts food snacks 150x150 - Where to get your snack supplies

I have been packing snacks since last Thursday- stuff in my Tupperware: dried apricots, raisins, oranges, grapes, banana, baby tomatos and baby carrots, dried pumpkin seed. Where to get your snack supplies :) 1. Dried fruits & nuts: Shops selling baking supplies – find shops that specialised in baking supplies such as flour, cake products [...]

So sorry….

healthblog 150x150 - So sorry....

I must apologise. Currently, I am dropping of the plan till further notice. Doing some bid of travelling to Penang and Singapore. A bit inconvience to my host’s hospitality if I start to refuse the normal staple carbo based food. Also when I am in Penang, I will be a fool if I were to [...]