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The Anatomy of a Smoker’s Body

smoker body 300x169 - The Anatomy of a Smoker's Body

While taking my mom to hospital for her checkup, I came across a very interesting poster on the Anatomy of a Smoker’s Body. It lists and show graphically all the health problems that could arise from smoking: You can click on the picture to enlarge it: 1. Hair loss 2. Cancer of nose 3. Teeth [...]

Health issues with Smartphones addiction

smartphone coffee 300x236 - Health issues with Smartphones addiction

Smartphones are so indispensible nowadays. Only few years back, most of us don’t have a Smartphone. Now, it is unthinkable not to have one. Can we really live without our Smartphones? Before I proceed further, I want to add that this article is meant for those who are considering do dump their phone and discontinue [...]

Quit watching TV and work towards your life and fitness goals

Fitness and sweating

Most of us really enjoy watching TV. After a tiring day, there is nothing else we want to do other than enjoy a good dinner and then permanently plant our butts in front of the couch finishing our favourite drama series or just mindlessly flicking through the remote. But the more we spent watching television, [...]

Why are we so addicted to Korean and Asian drama series?

Sword and Flower/ Blade and Petal Korean Drama series

It is very easy to get addicted to Asian drama series such as Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong drama series. These shows are so addictive because: the intense emotions involved in the drama – fighting, love, revenge, scheming, misunderstanding, tragic endings it leaves us hanging on to the next episode from one to the [...]

Smartphone Addiction and how it ruins families

phone photo food 300x200 - Smartphone Addiction and how it ruins families

In the front page of the papers today, the article titled Phone Junkies- Addiction to Smartphones is damaging the family system.  Issues that arise as for example: people are no longer talking to one another- glued to the virtual worlds of their Smartphones paying huge bills from updating Facebook and Twitter accounts children are “talking” [...]

Of the tired heart and unable to quit smoking

danger of smoking 224x300 - Of the tired heart and unable to quit smoking

Happy New Year to all. Before the end of the year, we have started planning our new year resolutions, and updating in the new diary or planner that we have bought. Come new year, it’s time to act on those resolutions. Like the end of every year, many would find that they have not managed [...]

Too much sex and thinking about sex drains you of vital life energy

Too much sex and thinking about sex drains you of vital life energy

In today’s society, everyone wants to be sexually attractive and the commercial industry generates billions of income by ensuring this message is being driven into the minds of the consumer. That being thin and desirable would make a person happy. Websites offering ‘Aunt Agony’ columns generally advocate the more sex a couple have, the better. If having [...]

Don’t Blame Coke or Fast Food for Obesity

motivate02 - Don’t Blame Coke or Fast Food for Obesity

There is a recent protest going on because a number of parties are angry that Coke is sponsoring an established website, Concerns rose because Coke, soda, McDonalds, and a host of other fast food have been blamed for the rising in obesity pandemic on developed countries. While I agree that taking too much sodas [...]