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Mooncakes Galore! – how not to overeat

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The mooncake festival is often a great occasion for family get togethers. Normally, the moon is known to be the fullest in the year. The main ingredients that goes into the making of mooncakes are lotus paste and sugar- lots and lots of sugar. Traditionally, there are the lotus paste mooncakes and ‘kam tui’ (paste fillings [...]

On a personal note…

Complementary Healing, Personal
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Recently, there have been some major changes in my life. Personally, I’ve undergone some transition and is currently moving to a new phrase and purpose in life. My future will involve more travelling, one month at a time and I’ve thought about the practicality of keeping of my gym membership and continuing my writing and [...]

Shoulder, Arms and Hand Pain

Pain or Injuries
elbow pain hand 300x210 - Shoulder, Arms and Hand Pain

Most of us underestimate the importance of developing and maintaining shoulder flexibility. We lift weights and try to develop leaner triceps or bulgier arms but we often neglect to stretch and strengthen our shoulders. Shoulder inflexibility, coupled with the fact that we literally sit the whole day hunched on front of a pc, will eventually [...]