People who are able to see dead people

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The ability to see the death is not culture, race or religion dependent. Some people just have the ability to see dead people (known in Chinese as having 阴阳眼). Because this particular ability or curse (as some would call it) only happens to a small minority of people living amongst those who are not able [...]

Is bak kut teh healthy for you?

Diets, Heart Diseases
Healthy bak kut teh

Bak kut teh is a well known known Chinese dish. Sometimes people translate bak kut teh as a kind of tea but to me, it is very much like a herbal soup. Originally a Hokkien dish, it is much loved by many Chinese folks in Malaysia and Singapore. The soup is boiled with Chinese medicinal [...]

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

Complementary Healing, Pain or Injuries
Hospital incorporating traditional Chinese medicine

In the past when I was working in corporate, being sedentary, work stress and spending hours sitting in front of a computer caused me a number of pain and discomfort. I’ve had severe shoulder pains that caused pain even with the slight turning of my head. As well as severe lower back pain- I always [...]