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almsround - Archives

The Buddhist’s 8 Precepts Diet

While researching for some weight loss books in the market, I was surprised to find a book written about the ...
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iridology testing - Archives

Iridology- diagnosis of past, present and future illness from the iris (charts and photos)

Iridology has long been a diagnosis practice that intrigued me. I had wanted to try it for a long time ...
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bullies - Archives

Insight into why kids turn into bullies and experience of being bullied

Bullying is very common in schools all over the world. It is either you are being bullied or you are ...
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joecassidy thediviner - Archives

Answering the call to be a healer – story of Joe Cassidy

Some of us are born into this world for a purpose. And if we refused to acknowledge the purpose, then ...
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eatalone - Archives

Why you should not be afraid to eat alone (personal experience)

I am aware that a number of people are afraid to be seen eating or dining alone in public. We ...
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candycrushaddiction - Archives

How to overcome addiction to Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga... where does one begin. It does strange things to your brain the way no other game could ...
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nurse sad - Archives

Why it does not pay to be mean, nasty and wicked towards others

Talking about nasty people, my mom had her share of meeting nasty people all through her life. Throughout her career ...
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gambling addict - Archives

Former Gamblers who overcome their addiction and turned to help others

Addiction to gambling has dire consequences- causing breakups in families, increase in crimes committed (stealing money and robbery), lost in ...
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anemia - Archives

How my mom cured my brother of his childhood anemia

My brother was diagnosed with anemia when he was 13 years old. Both of us were taking similar diets, however ...
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healing1 - Archives

Main Causes of Cancer according to Anne Jones (healer)

There are books that are written by healers that I find to be inspirational and would assist someone in the ...
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child - Archives

Healing The Inner Child that shaped how we deal with life

Many of us who are affected in one way or another by our experiences and relationships with others when we ...
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death prenomination - Archives

Premonition of death- The feeling that one will die soon

Over the years, newspaper reports of tragic death by accident, sometimes grieving family members would mention about the behavior changes ...
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frozenshoulder - Archives

How to cure frozen shoulder (and its emotional causes)

Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition. I've experienced it at one time, accompanied with neck pain and it literally ...
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couple - Archives

Why do I get a rash on my ring finger? Possible Health and Emotional reasons

I often hear folks asking why do they get rashes (sometimes itchy, sometimes not) on the finger where they are ...
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swordandpetal koreandrama - Archives

How I overcome my addiction for Korean Drama series

Korean dramas are a totally different genre compared to other dramas. They are simply and absolutely addictive. The scenes are ...
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kidney failure - Archives

Kidney failure and the rising costs of dialysis and treatment

Few days ago, a newspaper report appeared that a man strangles his two children and hangs himself after wife dies ...
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skin 300x204 - Archives

Emotional Causes of Skin Rashes & Unexplained Eye Pain

After having written the causes of skin rashes from the health perspective, few months ago I started to experience a ...
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epilepsy - Archives

How I was cured of childhood epilepsy/ seizure

The following article is a real life account of how I was healed of childhood epilepsy.  It is not by ...
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