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woman sad - Archives

Overcoming depression and feelings of worthlessness

There would be times in our lives that feelings of worthlessness comes in or we question ourselves and what we ...
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work stress - Archives

Health problems from the stress of being managed out at work

I read a viral post from Facebook that talked about a former COO (Chief Operating Officer) who shared the dirty ...
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thyroid disorder 1 - Archives

Emotional causes of thyroid disorder (resulting weight gain and bloating)

Thyroid disorder, either hyper or hypothyrodism affects either the over or under production of the thyroid hormone. There is no known ...
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woman cough - Archives

Cough with urine incontinence, laryngitis and vomiting (Emotional causes)

In this article, I would address some emotional causes and how it is often hard to find a cure for ...
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mandarin orange - Archives

Home remedies for cough (caused by too much fried stuff and Mandarin oranges)

During Chinese New Year, it very common for people to start coughing. Reason is because of the high availability of ...
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addiction - Archives

Why some people do not want to seek help for depression/ mental health issues?

Many people are depressed or know that they are mentally unwell but are often reluctant to seek help to address ...
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acupuncturetreatment - Archives

My dog’s sudden paralysis – treatment with acupuncture and tick medicine

Recently my dog suddenly became semi-paralyzed. I have noticed that he used to have hind legs that sometimes shake involuntarily ...
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archilles tendon - Archives

Archilles tendonitis/Lump at back of ankle joint- treating with TCM (personal experience)

Recently, I have been having a bad case of Archilles tendonitis - whereby the tendons located at the back of ...
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woman pain2 - Archives

Endometriosis and fibroids with connection to co-dependancy/divorce

Uterine fibrosis, ovarian cysts and endometriosis are occurring in more and more women today. Personally, I have known of a ...
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q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=1782500502&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=yinteing 20 - Archives

Compulsive hoarding and relationship to depression and feelings of loss

There are 2 persons  who were not previously hoarders but turned into one that I can recall knowing in my ...
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adult colouringbook - Archives

Adult Colouring Book- therapeutic, stress reducing & useful for parents/ caregivers

Adult colouring book has been a very popular hobby in recent years. The adult colouring books are not the same ...
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castor oil1 - Archives

Castor Oil for Knee and Joint Pain

A few friends of my mom constantly suffered from chronic conditions such as arthritis, knee and back pain. A particular ...
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clutter - Archives

Cleaning, by removing negative energies may help autistic kids

Personally I believe the love and care that goes into cleaning and maintaining the house can have a profound effect ...
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listen songs - Archives

How listening to songs messes with your mind and emotion

I am not anti into listening to songs or music. The purpose of this article is not to persuade you ...
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meal plan - Archives

Meal planning to achieve your health and weight loss goals

It is now approaching year end and some of us will feel all geared up to start new year with ...
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almsround - Archives

The Buddhist’s 8 Precepts Diet

While researching for some weight loss books in the market, I was surprised to find a book written about the ...
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iridology testing - Archives

Iridology- diagnosis of past, present and future illness from the iris (charts and photos)

Iridology has long been a diagnosis practice that intrigued me. I had wanted to try it for a long time ...
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bullies - Archives

Insight into why kids turn into bullies and experience of being bullied

Bullying is very common in schools all over the world. It is either you are being bullied or you are ...
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