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woman wakeup - Archives

Why night owls should transition to become early birds/riser

Are you a night owl or early bird? This article is meant for an night owl, written by a night ...
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Stroke: Treatments to go straight to after being discharged from hospital

When a person suffers from stroke, the person needs immediate treatment at the hospital. However, what should one do upon ...
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income drop 300x169 - Archives

Health Blogs hit by Google August update

If you are user, ie a person looking for health information via Google, you may or may not notice that ...
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man depressed - Archives

Overcoming addiction to gambling and achieving success & happiness- real story

This story is shared to me first hand by a friend of mine not long ago. When I know him, ...
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woman pain - Archives

Rebounder and other treatment to relieve PMS/menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be terrible and unbearable for a woman to go through. For me, wrong food choices and lack ...
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porridge kept overnight - Archives

Can Porridge/congee be kept overnight?

The answer is NO,. You should not keep your rice porridge or congee overnight. I know, logically there does not ...
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teh tarik - Archives

Does teh tarik (pulled milk tea) have caffeine?

Tea and coffee both have caffeine it them but the effect may vary from one person to another and also ...
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acupuncture knockknees - Archives

Can acupuncture cure bow legs or knocked knees?

A person I know have both the condition of bow legs AND knocked knees. My mom herself have bow legs ...
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oldpeople falldown - Archives

Pain management in elderly from falls- acupuncture is very effective

With falls, the older person or elderly could experience moderate to severe pain that eventually ends up limiting the mobility ...
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black face general herb - Archives

Black Face General Plant Herb for Detox

My friend, a cancer survivor of more than 10 years introduced the benefits of a herb called the Black Face ...
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woman free - Archives

Chronic fatigue syndrome healed by Ayurveda and forgiveness

There is often no known causes of chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. Often the patient would be exhausted with joint ...
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Alzheimer symptoms start many years earlier 150x150 - Archives

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer's in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very ...
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barefoot - Archives

Walk barefoot on the soil to improve your eye sight

This information was shared to me from a 81 year old healthy senior. By walking barefoot on the soil, you ...
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chinesesoup - Archives

Nutritious Chinese soup using slow cooker for health benefits

I grew up drinking soups that my mom made for us using the slow cooker. My mom worked in shift ...
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woman dizzy - Archives

Treatment for unexplained dizziness or vertigo in women

Few months ago, my friend has to rush back from work to send her mother to the emergency room. Her ...
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caregiver1 - Archives

Finding happiness and meaning in caregiving, minimizing caregiver burnout

Last year in May, I resigned from a relatively stable corporate job to care for my mother full time. My ...
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chiro stroke1 - Archives

Treatment after stroke for a chance of being able to walk again

Years ago, when my neighbor's family member got stroke, she immediately sent him for acupuncture treatment the moment he was ...
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man pain - Archives

Why the pain got worse after traditional treatment/ chiropractor?

For some people who have undergo traditional treatments such as chiropractor, acupuncture, acupressure, guasa or other forms of treatment, the ...
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