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Depression and suicide due to influence of malevolent and evil spirits

When your depression has reached a stage where you started hearing voices in your head trying to convince you that ...
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lupus - Archives

Why nice and accomodating people get lupus or SLE

Recently I have been very immersed in the work related to the connection of emotions, personality and interaction with others ...
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eye cry - Archives

Why my mom had glaucoma and was healed from it

In mind body connection, glaucoma is linked to unshed tears. Meaning tears that are supposed to come out due to ...
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old woman cry - Archives

Stubbornness, rigid fixed views and lifelong suppression can lead to Alzheimer’s- with examples

In the previous article, I shared about my mom's way of thinking and approaching life which I felt had led ...
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oldfolks1 - Archives

Emotional causes of Alzheimer’s | Dementia- my mom’s story

Alzheimher's has the unique distinction of being the only disease that makes you say goodbye twice. First you say goodbye ...
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doctor1 - Archives

My experience with Western doctors that made me explore alternatives towards my health issues

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I am not saying Western treatment is bad. But I just ...
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man1 - Archives

Critique of wet acucupping (bekam) treatment method from a visitor

A visitor, Little Timmy Twight left a comment below on my article Wet Cupping Therapy (Bekam)- effective for pain relief, ...
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eyes1 - Archives

People who are able to see dead people

The ability to see the death is not culture, race or religion dependent. Some people just have the ability to ...
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bakkutteh1 - Archives

Is bak kut teh healthy for you?

Bak kut teh is a well known known Chinese dish. Sometimes people translate bak kut teh as a kind of ...
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self massageitems1 - Archives

Simple tools for pain management and self massage

In Thailand, when you visit the marketplace, small stalls at shopping complex or street bazaars, you would be able to ...
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hospital withtraditionalchinesetreatment - Archives

Incorporating complimentary treatment like acupuncture in hospitals

In the past when I was working in corporate, being sedentary, work stress and spending hours sitting in front of ...
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entecavir medicine hepatitisB - Archives

Should an acute Hepatitis B patient start on entecavir- personal experience

In this article, I wanted to share on my personal experience in starting my mom on entecavir medicine for my ...
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sleeping - Archives

Fever and danger of death due to inflammation

Doctors would prescribe medication after an operation or stitching of an open wound. The common medications are antibiotics, anti inflammatory ...
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hand rheumatoid - Archives

Rheumatoid Arthritis- food to avoid and healing with acupuncture

There is no known absolute cure for rheumatoid arthritis. If you see a doctor with regards to your condition, then ...
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work stress - Archives

Tonsil issues and cancer- and link to ‘swallowing’ one’s emotion

My mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in year 2000. Actually she had felt a lump at her throat for ...
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dizzy - Archives

Chiropractic adjustments for vertigo or dizziness

Last week I woke up one day feeling a little out of balance. By noon, as a got up from ...
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eyesight - Archives

My grandaunt rinsed my eyes with urine to give me good eyesight

Caution: This article is based on my personal experience and I am not advocating that you do the same. There ...
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woman wakeup - Archives

Why night owls should transition to become early birds/riser

Are you a night owl or early bird? This article is meant for an night owl, written by a night ...
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