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Calories in ordinary food (and how much of exercise to burn them)

Due to some cheap offers going on at a hypermarket from 8am to 10am, I brought mom to do her ...
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Always Get a Second Opinion

Earlier this week, I was having lunch with a few of my friends. The topic of discussion went on about ...
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How to Stop the Cough at Night using Vicks VapoRub

My colleague forwarded me the message below that suggests a remedy for persistent cough at night... we all know how ...
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How I Tried Curing Myself of Flu

It started from someone in my office who had caught a persistent flu virus.... then it infected a colleague of ...
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What I’ve Learned from Different Diet Programs

These past weeks, I have also adopted a more relaxed and moderate approach when it comes to eating. I am ...
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Life is Short- Does that mean we eat what we want?

I was having lunch with my colleague a few days ago and as we were walking back to the office, ...
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Comfort Food

When a woman is feeling down, she turns to the 5Cs. Nope... not Credit Card, Condo, Car , Carreer and ...
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Feeling that does during food preparation have impact on health

Last Friday, while helping out in a course organised by my unit, I helped myself to breakfast that is provided ...
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New Direction

I was updating my profile a few days back when I noticed a change in my interests. Previously favourite movies ...
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Exercise Without Losing Weight

Today, an article in Sunday Star is quite interesting: it talks about a study conducted to find out the effects ...
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Lose Weight for Yourself, Not to Impress Others

When you want to go on a diet/exercise program, do it for YOUR WELL BEING, YOUR HEALTH and not just ...
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It’s OK to Slip Once a While- Just Don’t Make it a Habit

First, it's ok to slip up once a while. Nobody's perfect. It does not mean we are useless or is ...
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I Realised Moderation is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss

The motivation that led me to start this blog thread is to record my journey of realisation of the dangers ...
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Law of Physics of Weight Loss

I am currently reading this very interesting book called: 10 Habits That Mess Up a Woman's Diet by Elizabeth Somer ...
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Craving for unhealthy food after food high on GI

This morning I woke up with an itchy throat. Mom made some honey lime to soothe that irritated throat, which ...
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Food Diary: 24 August 07

I am not going to like what I see but heck, I'll be honest with it: Breakfast 1 cup of ...
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Why Thai People are So Slim Despite Having Sweet Tooth

Just came back from Thailand. I noticed that the Thais take lots of rice and refined sugar. Almost every dish, ...
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Phrases of a Workout

4 important steps in a proper workout. Step One: Start with a warm up. Warm-up is not stretching, as what ...
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