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woman makeup - Archives

Why You Should Not Sell Your Body for Easy Money

Recently, I came across anonymous confession of people who had secretly sold their body either directly through prostitution or indirectly ...
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hokkien fried - Archives

Is drinking tea with your meals good for your digestive system?

Restaurants often serve iced lemon tea or carbonated drinks as a set meal package with their dishes such as spaghetti, ...
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friedrice - Archives

Can eating fried rice everyday kill you?

According to ancient Chinese beliefs passed down from generation to generation, YES, it can. In Chinese tradition, hot tea is ...
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Could spirits or dark energies cause depression and suicide?

When our feelings of sadness and despair spiral out of control, and we keep wallowing in negative emotions, we may ...
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Does karma plays a role in Covid19 pandemic?

Yes, I do believe that karmic/kammic forces has a role to play in the current Covid19 pandemic. In a previous ...
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nightmare 2826890 1920 300x200 - Archives

When a spirit/being forces you to become a medium

In my life alone, I have personally know 4 persons who were being requested by a being, supposedly a deity ...
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planet 4848364 1920 - Archives

Spiritual protection against pandemics and dangers

In everyone's life, there would be a few times where one undergoes a life threatening events that could result in ...
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self cut harm 300x200 - Archives

Self harm (eg cutting) is a coping mechanism towards unspeakable trauma

A friend of mine confessed to me last year that she used to cut herself. It was totally unexpected. I ...
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old peoples home 63615 1280 - Archives

Why Alzheimer or dementia patient has a total personality change eg violence, sexual tendencies

In my previous articles, I've discussed about personality types that may result in development of Alzheimer's or dementia. I believe ...
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triggerthumb - Archives

Simple exercise to fix trigger thumb that you can do on your own

Trigger thumb is a very uncomfortable and often painful condition where one experiences pain and a locked feeling of unable ...
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tiger - Archives

The karmic consequences of consuming wildlife

With the outbreak of the coronavirus where the strand of the DNA could be traced back to be from bats ...
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servingfood porridge - Archives

Rice porridge and noodle soup would improve your health

Do you find yourself suffering from a general feeling of fatigue and exhaustion? Especially if you are not a morning ...
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skeleton 225x300 - Archives

Danger of watching and listening to ghost and horror stories

Thanks, or no thanks to YouTube recommendation, I discovered a couple of channels where all the YouTubers did was went ...
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woman help - Archives

What to do when you start hearing voices or seeing things (psychosis)

Years ago, I was standing at the balcony of my apartment at the 8th floor when I heard a soft ...
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man worry - Archives

What to do when diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer

My friend shared with me about a real case of a male colleague of hers who have been recently diagnosed ...
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How I overcome my rheumatoid arthritis without medication, herbs or supplement

If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and searching for ways to cure it, I am able to suggest that ...
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child hyper - Archives

How I live with ADHD symptoms without medication- childhood

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) was something relatively unknown in the society and country when I was growing up decades ...
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yipharchu plant - Archives

Yip Har Choo- herb for end stage liver cirrhosis and acute hepatitis

The herb in question is called 叶下珠 (translated as 'Pearls under the leaves') or its scientific name Phyllanthus urinaria that is claimed ...
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