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tubefeeding siriraj6 - Archives

Tube Feeding Schedule and Administering Medication

Below is the feeding schedule provided by the hospital in Thailand where my mother is currently being treated. Usually the ...
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tubefeeding siriraj2 - Archives

How to prepare food for tube feeding by Siriraj

This is based on a video in Thai by Siriraj PR channel. Siriraj is one of the main hospital located ...
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wedge mitex - Archives

How to prevent elderly from sliding down and lift them back up

Elderly patients, if placed on an incline would tend to slide down on the bed. This is due to gravity, ...
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tubefeeding14 - Archives

Tube feeding food ingredients, preparation and storage

In Thailand, a wealth of information is available on tube feeding. The video below, demonstrated by a nurse from Saraburi ...
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tiehand brochure03 - Archives

Hand restraints/special mittens for Alzhmeimer’s/dementia patients on tube feeding

I am grateful that we are in Thailand and sought medical care from doctors here. When my mom developed difficulty ...
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senior refusefood - Archives

Placing my mom on Nose Tube Feeding due Dysphagia (end stage Alzheimer’s)

About 65 percent of those with Alzheimer's or dementia would develop dysphagia, ie difficultity in swallowing. The most noticable symptoms ...
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Useful videos on Nasogastric Feeding

In the 2 videos below, you can find very useful tips related to Nasogastric or Nose Tube Feeding published by ...
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woman nightmare 300x169 - Archives

What active dreams and nightmares tell us about ourselves

When we are dreaming, how we react or response would give us a good indication of our core character and ...
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Wai Tan Kung/Dan Gong effective for former heart attack/stroke/chronic health conditions

If you have previously suffered a heart attack, I strongly urge you to consider learning chi based exercises such as ...
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When the Blood Pressure Could Not be Read or Detected by BP monitor

When you attempt to measure yours or your loved one's blood pressure and your home machine indicates as 'Error', you ...
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medicine dissolve water - Archives

Is Fluimucil effective for mucus reduction in nose/ nasal feeding patients?

Usually our understanding is when we take flumucil, we first dissolve the tablet in a glass of water. Then drink ...
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caregiver weightgain - Archives

Why Caregivers Are Fat (gain weight)

In this article, I wish to talk about why caregivers gain weight in the course of caregiving. I feel this ...
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incontinent - Archives

Frequent urge to pee/ urinate and urinary incontinence in women

Do you feel the constant urge to pee, ie you need to go to the bathroom very often to relieve ...
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doctor prescription - Archives

When Treatment and Medication are Not Effective (or the best)

In many countries, doctors are bound of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to treatment of illness and diseases ...
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nosetape - Archives

Nasogastric tube tape/plaster change (for Alzheimers on tube feeding)

The nasogastric tube or nose tube is secured to the patient via a tape. In Alzheimer or dementia folks, we ...
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brownrice - Archives

Coarse or brown rice is not for everyone

Brown rice or coarse rice is considered as healthy eating because the rice is said to contain higher concentration of ...
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couple silenttreatment - Archives

Silent treatment is a deal breaker in relationships

If we often give people silent treatment when we are not happy with them or just had a bad day ...
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woman sad3 - Archives

Why certain places increases depression and suicidal thoughts

When you feel very down, have you ever felt that somehow the energy of a particular place seemed to echo ...
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