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Considerations before placing an Alzheimer/Dementia patient on tube feeding

It is said 65 percent of Alzheimer's or dementia patients would develop dysphagia, ie gradually losing the swallowing reflex towards ...
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Phlegm Suction for Dysphagia/ Nasogastric Feeding Patients

Massive buildup of mucus and phlegm is a common side effect that comes with nasogastric tube insertion (putting in a ...
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Tube Feeding Schedule and Administering Medication

Below is the feeding schedule provided by the hospital in Thailand where my mother is currently being treated. Usually the ...
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How to prepare food for tube feeding by Siriraj

This is based on a video in Thai by Siriraj PR channel. Siriraj is one of the main hospital located ...
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How to prevent elderly from sliding down and lift them back up

Elderly patients, if placed on an incline would tend to slide down on the bed. This is due to gravity, ...
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Tube feeding food ingredients, preparation and storage

In Thailand, a wealth of information is available on tube feeding. The video below, demonstrated by a nurse from Saraburi ...



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