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Unruly and uncontrollable child- spiritual causes

Below concerns a case where a child's behavior is uncontrollable. The child in the video below starts to crawl on ...
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Autistic and hyperactive child and mother with cancer – spiritual causes

The late Master Lu of Guan Yin Citta had helped many parents to cure or improve the condition of their ...
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Auto Immune Spiritual Cases- case studies

In support groups, I am surprised to see the symptoms described by those who suffer from auto immune disorders. Most ...
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Coping with grief when a parent or loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/dementia

It is heartbreaking with our loved one receive the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer's. As they start to show signs of ...
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The Spiritual and Karmic Causes of Auto Immune and other incurable diseases

Recently I have been seeing a lot of real life sharing of many people with auto immune illnesses whereby they ...
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Early Onset Alzheimer’s- Emotional & Mind Body Connection

Could there be a mind body connection for Alzheimer's? I am seeing a correlation between certain personality types of persons ...



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